Monday, October 3, 2011

Shadowplay - Another Autumn Day K7 (1988, Individual Pop)

Shadowplay was the solo project of Michael Scholz, nowadays best known as the singer of cult 80s goths Taste of Decay. However, quite a few years before I ever heard or read about Taste of Decay... there was Shadowplay (not to be confused with the US band I posted last week, the Finnish band, or others sharing the name). Naturally there are some very similar Taste of Decay sounds, but perhaps a bit more introspective at times (it is a solo project after all). Michael mentions influences by Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sad Lovers & Giants, and Danse Society... though the Bauhaus influences comes out heavily on the vocals at times, and there is certainly some big-time Cure influences here-and-there. This is nothing groundbreaking, but certainly good quality DIY underground goth music, especially for being a debut cassette-only release. The title track is probably my favorite on here, though know I had this tape for a couple years before the song I ever grabbed my attention, "Come Inside" is a dark analogue synth track, and there are quite a few other decent tunes as well.

Michael also sang for Garden of Pleasures (best known for their track "Pandora's Box" off the New Alternatives LP) from '87-91, and has been involved in a few other bands (even pre-Taste of Decay). For more information on some of his projects, check out his way out-of-date website:

Myspace here for some more info and random tracks including a newly recorded version of "Out of Control" off this tape:

Here is the Shadowplay discography (ignoring compilations)

Another Autumn Day K7 (1988, Individual Pop)
An Ideal World K7 (1990, Self-Released)
Tears K7 (1992, Self-Released)
A History of Shadowplay 1988-1992 K7 (1993, Beton Tapes)
A Perfect Frame (A Compilation of Previously Unreleased Songs) K7 (199x, Self-Released) <- Think Promo-only, have only seen it one time

Shadowplay - Another Autumn Day K7 (1988, Individual Pop)

01. Out of Control
02. The Spell
03. Could Be Me
04. Eyes Like Hell
05. Two Sides
06. Another Autumn Day
07. Destiny
08. Come Inside
09. Seduction
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  1. Thanks for the upload. This is probably the only tape you have from Shadowplay right?

  2. This is the only one that I own the original (besides some compilation appearances), but do have all the other tapes on CDRs that I got through trades in the past, except the Beton Tapes "History of..." K7 ... also have both Taste of Decay tapes (the first one has now been reissued through Mannequin / Infrastition), Garden of Pleasures demos + a few random unreleased Shadowplay tracks. I won't be posting any of this other stuff unless I stumble across the originals for sale (they very rarely show up).

    If you are interested in more material, you might try contacting Michael because I believe some of the recordings I have on CDR came from friends who were in contact with him... though I'm not 100% sure.

  3. Hi there!!!

    Incredible blog my friend!!!

    I'm very interestead x the Shadowplay collection,do you know where i obtain those collection?...

    Do you can help me?...

    other thing...about the tapes of house of Usher,do you have it?...or how much x a mp3 with all their tapes?...I was looking for since 10 years ago and nothing.

    I wait x your answer,thnx a lot!!!.

    I leave you my e-mail:

  4. Like I told the person above, you might try contacting Michael directly for additional Shadowplay material.

    House of Usher: yes I have a couple tapes, though probably will be a while before I get around to posting any of them.

  5. Hello again!!!

    1-Thnx x answer me and expalin me the situation about Shadowplay,but i have other question...
    how i contact to Michael,because in my space there's no e-mail,do you know other way more directly to talk with him,realy i'm veru interestead x Shadowplay collection,They embrace me in a special atmosphere,thnx again!!!.

    2-Please the tapes of The house of Usher are special to me,please say me a way as it's possible to have those tapes,please?...

    Or you plain upload all the tapes very slowly in your blog?...

    Best wishes!!!!!

  6. 1.) I personally do not have any contact with Michael, nor never have. I knew 2 people online who both had the Shadowplay (+ some of his other bands) material that I believe they both got directly from him, but this was also at least 6-7+ years ago. Therefore, if you are interested, I would try the email on his webpage listed in the post, or contact him directly though myspace... it looks like he still logs in there. Not sure if there is any contact info listed in the Taste of Decay CD, would have to check later on if I remember...

    2.) The HoU tapes will come eventually, I think I have 4 of them. Currently, my tapes are very unorganized and in piled stacks that are not in alphabetical order, so sometimes takes a minute to locate them. I know I have "Wedge Beating Wrath" which contains some early versions of songs that later appeared on "Stars Fall Down", think 2 of the "Necrophone" tapes that came out around '97 that include remixes and such from what I recall, and think the other is a "Black Sunday" promo tape containing the tracks from that CDM with extra material dubbed on to it. So yes, they will be uploaded slowly as I get around to hooking the tape deck back into the sound card, recording the tapes to the computer, manually processing the wav files, converting the files to mp3, id tagging them, zipping the folder, uploading the file to mediafire, taking a picture of the tape with my phone, emailing the photo to myself, downloading the photo from my email, cropping the photo, thinking of something to write about for the releases, and then posting all the information... Takes quite a bit of time, and I have quite a few other records I've been planning on uploading for a while that will certainly come first. Hehe, I don't want this blog to become 90s goth rock dominated either!

  7. Hi!!!

    It's impossible have a contact with Michael...please help me,i wait as you can...

    About THOU tapes,I'm very interesead x them,please if you need something,this it's my e-mail:

    Thnx x answer and forgive my english.


  8. speaking of tapes, do you have a list of your collection that you own cause i checked with discogs and it says that your collection is "private"

  9. Why so many links have become inaccesibles?