Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Brothers Christ - Echoes of Lost Souls LP (1987, Colony Records)

Here is a Venus In Furs side-project including Times (going by the name Jeremy Christ) and Colin Johnson. The material varies throughout the album including some dark and gloomy minimal tracks to experimental instrumental pieces. "Night of Denial" is the monster here... reminds me of an accidental precursor to the Staccato Du Mal sound or even "Call of the Wild"-style Dark White. Some of the other tracks are certainly worth a try as well, such as "The Void".

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Portrait Bizarre - Heat Up One Moment 12" (1984, Anything But Records)

I have seen some tracks off this record included on home-made web compilations and youtube, but do not believe this record has been posted in its entirety to the best of my knowledge. One of the more highly sought-after records from the Anything But label. The title track is a lengthy, forgettable new beat song... but both b-side tracks should please minimal synth / coldwave fans. The funny thing is that it appears this band has reformed and a new single is in the works! http://www.portraitbizarre.be

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Club De Rome - Subway 7" (1982, Rom Records)

I recall seeing some posts about Club De Rome on the A Viable Commercial blog in the past. Here is their first 7" from 1982 long before their Lively Art period. Guitarist Renato Bortolotti seems to be the only member on this record to have kept the band together based on the credits (different singer included here). Naturally this record sounds a bit different due to the time lapse: drum machine-based postpunk with some NDW influences. Both tracks are decent.

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VA: Les Nouveaux Barbares! LP (1984?, Kool)

Here is a great French compilation (with the exception of three bands) on the same quality level as some other 80s French compilation LPs ... "Le Cimetière Des Passions", "L'Appel De La Muse", "In Awe", "Unreleased Vol. 2", "Lyon Compilation" .... No year appears listed, but believe it came out in or around 1984. I also received a 7" by Pascal Laval (who the compilation is "presented" by) when I purchased this, but really am unsure if it actually came with this LP or was just a free gift thrown in the package from the seller (I don't recall it being anything interesting), The back of the LP lists some phone number and contact addresses for all the bands as well as many more who do not appear on the LP (E.V., Zoopsie, etc.). However, I noticed a great deal of spelling errors, so for the band names/track titles... I used what is printed on the LP labels as a reference. Enjoy.

01. Der Knall - C.D.E  // this track also appears on their lone 7" release. Gloomy coldwave
02. Eeurop - Skin Graft // also available on their incredibly rare 7". Nice coldwave / postpunk
03. Réseau D'Ombres - Instant // on their debut 7" too! Fairly well-known coldwave / dark minimal
04. Vortex - Amour Blesse // unknown band to me, but a pretty good postpunk / cold track
05. Bunter Guillaume - La Victoire Est Obligatoire // I recall reading on a forum once about a demo tape available from this band several years ago. Gloomy coldwave.
06. Ex Bela - La Force De Dire // another excellent gloomy coldwave / goth track.
07. The Grief - Synopsis // slightly avantgarde synth, one of the better tracks I've heard by them
08. Calliper Square - Down In The Street // French band trying to sound like AC/DC. Terrible, but funny!
09. Bad Virus - English Dictionary // decent new wave with a slight cold touch.
10. Alexander Platz - Le Silence Des Vœux // nice synth / coldwave track.
11. Nirvana - June // rock/pop band with a female singer
12. XS - Clap Your Hands // rock band

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

VA: Mister President's Breakfast 7" (1985, Lirp Records)

Quite obscure, but an incredible Belgian 7" compilation including four great bands exclusive only here to the best of my knowledge. The A-side includes two minimal synth bands (7 A Nou and Primus Box); B-side includes two coldwave bands (701 Triangles and Graceful Lines In Marble). All four bands could easily fit in nicely with the recently released "Underground Belgian Wave" compilations via Walhalla Records. Being the miserably depressed goth guy I am, I prefer the B-Side overall, though all tracks are excellent! No date appears on the record, but sources (such as discogs) say 1985.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

D'as Hirth - Kalashnikov 12'' (1986, Self-Released)

Here is one of my favourite Italian coldwave/minimal records in my collection, and certainly one of the rarest. I'm sure if you are reading this that you have probably heard their track "Niente" from one of those flexipop compilations or YouTube by now. Luckily, the rest of the material on this record is superb too. I would compare them to Weimar Gesgang on steroids, but obviously they fit in with Victrola, Chromagain, Deafear, X-Offender, and the rest of the great Italian bands from the same era. This band produced a demo K7 previous to this 12" which includes some alternate versions of the songs featured on this record along with some exclusive tracks. In addition, two tracks are available on compilation LPs.

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