Monday, September 26, 2011

Sheer Thursday - Expecting The Grass LP (1986, Twilgiht Records)

When I have noticed this record up on eBay in the past, sellers often compare them to early R.E.M., which is certainly obvious on some songs and both bands were from Georgia (different cities -- Sheer Thursday were from Atlanta / R.E.M. --> Athens). Besides the R.E.M. influences, they also have some excellent gloomy darkwave tracks like "Gray Day", "A View From The Side VII" (beautiful), and "Distance" that are the standout tracks to me (and anyone with similar tastes). You also have some straight-forward uptempo post-punk tracks ("Moral", "Home Park", and "In View From The Side"). There is another release I've seen that is a '85 7" called "He Leaves" that is probably the same band, but have yet to ever hear it or had anyone else refer to it to me... so can't be 100% sure... if you know for sure, leave a comment. The first four tracks on here were recorded in Nov.-Dec. 1985, and the remainder in May-June '86. This one can often be found quite cheap online too, which is another plus.

Sheer Thursday - Expecting The Grass LP (1986, Twilgiht Records)

01. Dodge
02. Distance
03. Fish Form
04. Gray Day
05. Moral
06. A View From The Side VII
07. Home Park
08. In View From The Side
09. The Dancing Bear


  1. $10 after shipping from Amazon? Don't mind if I do!

  2. el primer tema es IMPRESIONANTE

  3. Yes, "He Leaves" is by the same band. They have a MySpace page here: