Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dead Adair - Different 7" (1990, Die Schwarze 7)

German guitar indie 7" with some slight dark/melancholy touches at times on some of these tracks. The song "Different" is excellent, the last track ("Hello") has a locked loop groove, so I simply faded it out after a couple seconds...

This appears to be their debut release, though a CD (not including these tracks) was later released featuring recordings from 1992-96.

The Dead Adair - Different 7" (1990, Die Schwarze 7)

01. Different
02. Monterrey Revisited
03. I'm Sure I'll Go To Heaven (Anyway)
04. Hello

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Rot Guts - Forgotten In The Age 7" (1982, Nuclear Production Records)

I believe this is the only release put out by Rot Guts, a Belgian cold wave, post-punk, new wave act. "Forgotten In The Age" is the better of the two tracks in my opinion, great DIY early Cure sound. "What Did You Do?" is certainly a more conventional new wave/post-punk tune, but not bad...

Rot Guts - Forgotten In The Age 7" (1982, Nuclear Production Records)

01. Forgotten In The Age
02. What Did You Do?

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Missed In Diary - Wonders Why 7" (1991) | Remember When 7" (1993) | Dissolve EP CD (1995)

Missed In Diary were a band from Detroit, Michigan in the early-mid 90s that often got lumped with the goth scene (not sure if by accident or design). While many of the bands in the genre during this time period were trying their darndest Andrew Eldrich, Carl McCoy, Siouxsie, Ian Curtis, Rozz Williams, Robert Smith, etc. impressions... these guys appear to have been greater influenced particularly by bands like For Against, along with the guitar-wave indie + shoegaze movement. Certainly an under-rated band, and they appeared to have received more recognition in Europe. These records are not that difficult to find despite being released on their own label, and often are cheap whenever I see them. I believe some cassettes were also released, but I only recall ever seeing one on ebay many years ago.

Missed In Diary - Wonders Why 7" (1991, Eye Records)

01. Wonders Why
02. Rise & Shine

Missed In Diary - Remember When 7" (1993, Eye Records)

01. Remember When
02. To Crowd The Hours

Missed In Diary - Dissolve EP CD (1995, Eye Records)

01. To Crowd The Hours
02. Pause For Effect
03. Wonders Why
04. Gone
05. Dissolve

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