Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Halloween - B. Town Beauty 7" (1982, H.L.W. Records)

Rare 7" from Belgium... this band might be known to some for their appearance on the "Nuit Blanche" compilation LP in '84. The a-side ("B. Town Beauty") is somewhat conventional, catchy new wave/punk with a singer who reminds me of the French band Wallenberg in certain parts of this track. Not bad, but the highlight of the record is the great b-side ("Ghetto"), which sounds like a totally different singer to me... but certainly no indication in the credits. Anyways... this is a great depressive cold wave tune.

Someone on discogs left the note: "Nice coldwave from Oostende (Belgium), a much sought-after collector's item in vein of De Brassers and Red Zebra, recorded at Danny Lacksman Synsound Studio Brussels in May '82".

Preview sample here (64/22):

Halloween - B. Town Beauty 7" (1982, H.L.W. Records)

01. B. Town Beauty
02. Ghetto

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crew of Corps - Crew of Corps 12" (1986, On Record)

Rare Swedish goth obscurity with a nice Nosferatu cover that certainly isn't a household name. Pretty good stuff... reminds me more of some of the mid 80s German goth bands than what I'd usually expect out of Sweden from the time period.

Crew of Corps - Crew of Corps 12" (1986, On Record)

01. Into The Fields
02. White Feather
03. Power of Passion
04. Final Clash

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kabuki - Demo K7 (198x, Self-Released)

Super-duper rare tape by the pre-Ausgang band Kabuki, best known for their rare, single official release "I Am A Horse" 7" from 1982. This tape include some demo recordings, live tracks, and a radio session. Unfortunately, the radio session tracks only include audio in the right channel and the last live track ("Between Thy Hips") is separated among the A and B side since the tape runs out on the A-Side.... Therefore I included a sub-folder inside the main directory were I tried to splice together "Between Thy Hips" (far from perfect) and messed with the panning on the radio sessions to make them a bit easier to listen to.

Despite some audio quality issues... impossible to find tape and tracks!

Kabuki - Demo K7 (198x, Self-Released)


A1. Instrumental
A2. And She
A3. Hey Bed
A4. Downfall (Instrumental)


A5. Downfall
A6. Trapper Sam
A7. Between Thy Hips
B1. Between Thy Hips (continued...)

"Radio Beacon Session"

B2. Downfall
B3. Inside
B4. The Elusive Things
B5. Kills Love Kills
B6. Inside

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calendar Crowd - Perfect Hideaway 7" (1982, Romantic Records)

UK synth / new wave band. They had a 12" follow up in 1985 that you can grab at Crispy Nuggets, and oddly the b-side on this 7" also later appeared there. If you've heard that one before, you get the normal version of the track here.

Calendar Crowd - Perfect Hideaway 7" (1982, Romantic Records)

01. Perfect Hideaway
02. Perfect Hideaway Dub

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Safehouse - Underneath The Ice 12" (1982, Au Fait Records)

Good quality Aussie post-punk, dark new wave, indie music... somewhat similar to country mates Ducks In Formation. This was their only vinyl release (from the Au Fait label known for the Spencer Spencer 12")... but apparently they released a S/T demo cassette in '83 according to a youtube user who posted two live videos of songs not included on this release (check bottom of post to view one of them). Quite rare for sure!

Safehouse - Underneath The Ice 12" (1982, Au Fait Records)

01. Underneath The Ice
02. Red
03. Things That You Say
04. Celebration

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

VA: Tempesta Magnetica K7 (1988, Silenzio Statico / Gregorsamsa)

Rare late 80s Italian compilation that appears to have been co-released by Silenzio Statico and Gregorsamsa. Basically a mix of dark/cold wave, new wave, post-punk, goth, indie/alternative rock, and avant-garde Italian bands. Guido Lusetti, who ran the label Gregorsamsa, also helped run the Hax label that is probably best known for it's DsorDNE releases.

Glancing at the tracklists... the more interesting bands for me include X-Offender, Symbiosi, Anatema, Diskanto, Claudio Fusai, Lix Bolero, and En Manque D'Autre.
VA: Tempesta Magnetica K7 (1988, Silenzio Statico / Gregorsamsa)

Silenzio Statico Side:

01. Anatema - Reconquista
02. A.C.T.H. - Tu Dici?
03. X-Offender - Falling Down
04. Luna Incostante - Frammento
05. Symbiosi - Tempo Di Vivere
06 .Diskanto - Sogno Sudamericano

 Gregorsamsa Side:

07. Claudio Fusai - Love Song
08. Lix Bolero - Visioni
09. En Manque D'Autre - Nuove Religioni
10. Quidem - Prigionieri
11. Konats - Viva Viva I Ruminanti
12. Konats - L'uomo Bianco Bolliva Lieto
13. Almanacco Scuba - Il Tempo Che Respiri

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Les Zeiga Fleurs - Good Men Die Quietly! K7 (1983, Zeiga Records)

Raw early 80s Hull-based goth band. This tape was released on Zeiga Records/Recordings that was also responsible for releasing Punctured Tough Guy's "Warped Houses" cassette.

Here is a humorous description taken from http://www.nickclay.karoo.net/hullbands1.htm.

Sharon's dreadful old goth band. They were awful, but here's a nice photo from her small-girl-with-enormous-bass days.

I have got a number of LZF tapes at home but do not really think that the world is ready for such a goth revival. For that reason I have decided not to put any of their awful music on this page. I know what my band did was not The Beatles or anything, but it was still better than LZF.

For those of you lucky enough not to have seen or heard them, here is a precis:
  • Hairspray
  • Booming doom-laden bass lines
  • Extra-big drum kit
  • Funereal set
  • No fun
  • Black clothing de rigeur
  • No summer songs to lift your hearts
  • Best left alone
LZF's founder and leader was Ingo Dewsnap. He recorded a large number of local bands at 51 Stepney Lane on his 4-track portastudio. As such he deserves credit for being the first to record The Housemartins, and for getting a local scene going. Unfortunately, LZF probably blots his copybook beyond redemption.

Sounds pretty awesome to me! :) ...If you enjoy early 80s obscure goth bands, certainly not as bad as that description applies... some decent tunes for sure if you can sit through the mucky recordings.

Les Zeiga Fleurs - Good Men Die Quietly! K7 (1983, Zeiga Records)

01. Les Zeiga Fleurs
02. Could You Love Me?
03. Searching
04. Cinono
05. Illusion
06. Distant Eyes
07. The Cold October
08. Vagina Crisis
09. The Signature's Signed
10. In Far Off Days
11. Anyone
12. Trust
13. Drowning

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