Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ghosts of Dance - Ghosts of Dance 7" (1982, Plastic Canvas Records)

Ghosts of Dance are a relatively unknown UK minimal synth band (perhaps bordering a tiny bit on nonchalant goth) who only put out this single 7" (unless some cassettes exist) , and certainly are a band who has not been hyped to death or tainted through eBay sales puffery over the years. The first bands that come to my mind to compare them to include Hedone (UK ~ "Sensible" 7") and Coldreams...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VA: The Timebox LP (1987, Timebox Records)

[A very brief description summary of the information on the back sleeve]
The Timebox was formed as a live music club in Feb. 1986 at the Bull & Gate pub in Kentish Town, London. A second location (Timebox 2) was created in Camberwell as well. The Timebox also manages bands, works as an agency for others, and has set up a record label.

This one contains a mix of goth, indie, c86, alternative, new wave, and punk bands. Overall a decent collection of UK bands with many exclusive tracks, some of the highlights (for me) include Black Cillas, The Fifteenth, We Are Going To Eat You, A Strange Desire, The Laughing Mothers, and Only Connect.

01. Blyth Power – Probably Won't Be Easy
02. Persuasion – Sin Baby
03. Black Cillas - Shooting Stars
04. Menticide - Sunday Night
05. Thatcher On Acid - Got You Covered
06. Children Held Hostage - Black Day
07. We Are Going To Eat You - Waiting
08. Stump - Tupperware Stripper
09. Saviours Of Pop Music - Love Is Miles Away
10. Stitched Backfoot Airmen - The Dirty's Happened
11. The Fifteenth - Time Stood Still
12. A Strange Desire - On Another Day
13. Resistance - We Wish You
14. Only Connect - Lord Of The Dance
15. The Laughing Mothers - Let The Light
16. Brad Is Sex - Rocking On A Saturday Night
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VA: Terpsichore (Silly Not To) LP (1981, EMI Records)

This one includes quite a few fairly popular bands from the early 80's along with some lesser knowns... I suppose the highlight to most people who read here would be the exclusive track by Naked Lunch, "Horror Shock Horror", which is excellent. There is a lot of new wave, synth wave, electro, disco, etc. stuff on here too...

01. Sandii – Hey Rock-A La La
02. M.A.O. – Friend For A Day
03. Shock – R.E.R.B.
04. Airport And Dean – Blonde Darlings
05. Fehlfarben – Militürk
06. Sapho – Respect  
07. Logic System – Talk Back
08. Katmandu – I Can Make The Future
09. Thomas Dolby – Urges
10. Naked Lunch – Horror Shock Horror
11. Gina X Performance – No G.D.M.
12. Classix Nouveaux – Robots Dance
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VA: Nationale Rockmeeting LP (1982, Pyramid)

This one contains Parade Ground's first track, which is maybe their best track ever (in my opinion) if you enjoy their early coldwave period. However, most of the material on this compilation is by a bunch of Belgian rock bands sporting 70's porn mustaches... which makes me wonder how the hell Parade Ground got on here in the first place. The track by Zo Wie Zo is the second best track (certainly nothing essential though), and The Tuxedo's have a new wave/power pop sound... but not really my cup of tea. Concerning Parade Ground - Look for a collection of their early material coming out on Dark Entries Records in the coming months...

01. The Tuxedo's - Strangers Passing By
02. Parade Ground - I Shut My Eyes
03. Sprouts U.T.D. - I Know
04. The Perro - Nice Guys
05. Cognac - Rhino
06. The Rejects - Nowhere To Go
07. Zo Wie Zo - In M'n Kamer
08. Costa Gravas - The Beauty & The Beast
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

VA: Substanz LP (1985, Trikont)

Here is a strange compilation that doesn't have much to offer as a whole, but might surprise some Moloko+ fans of its existence because it contains an alternate version of their classic "Falling Apart" along with another track (uncredited band name) featuring many of the same members called "Doctor X". This LP was limited to 1,000 copies and includes a hand-painted cover. Since some of the tracks do not officially list a band name, I included the credits for each track. The credits were somewhat confusing as well since some had been fixed by hand in green marker on my copy! This compilation seems to be the work of Franz Erlmeier and Fritz Köstler, who appear on many of the tracks. Besides Moloko+, the rest of the material ranges from dub, cheesy 80s synth/new wave in the commercial vein, reggae, to a German blues band!
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01. "Öffnen Sie Mal Ihre Tasche"
(Franz Erlmeier / Fritz Köstler)
(aus: "Zuckerbaby", einem Film von Percy Adlon)

02. "Love & Dancing"
(Franz Erlmeier / Fritz Köstler)
Franz Erlmeier: keyboards, drums
Sigi Zerrath: vocals
Petra: vocals
Robert Ponzer: trompeten
Robert Hobmeier: mundharmonika

03. "What Have We Done!"
(Franz Erlmeier / Fritz Köstler)
Fritz Köstler: keyboards, drums, bass, vocals
(Paul-Albert Ehrenreich: drums)

04. Moloko+ - "Falling Apart"
(Uli Goderbauer / Harry Holm)
Martin Holm: vocals
Uli Goderbauer: gitarre
Harry Holm: keyboards
Robert Zellner: bass
Gerry Meier: drums

05. "Doctor X"
(Uli Goderbauer / Martin Holm / Franz Erlmeier / Fritz Köstler)
Martin Holm: vocals
Uli Goderbauer: bass
Fritz Köstler: bass
Bep Kiermeier: gitarre
Franz Erlmeier: keyboards, 12-string, drums
Gerry Meier: conga

06. "Zuckermelodie"
(Franz Erlmeier / Fritz Köstler)
(aus: "Zuckerbaby", einem Film von Percy Adlon)

07. Dub Invaders - "True Love"
Christian Aigner: drums
Sigi Zerrath: vocals
Eugen Kumpfmüller: keyboards
Stefan Scholz: gitarre
Robert Ponzer: saxophon
Fritz Köstler: bass
Gerd Schulte: posaune
featuring: zwei Sänger aus Ghana

08. Dub Invaders - "Special Tribute"
Christian Aigner: drums, bass
Sigi Zerrath: vocals
Fritz Köstler: saxophon
Eugen Kumpfmüller: keyboards
Gerd Schulte: posaune
Bep Kiermeier: gitarre

09. Congo Moon - "Walzer"
(Bernd Koschmieder / Wolfgang Hingel)
Bernd Koschmieder: keyboards
Wolfgang Hingel: bass
featuring: Karin Ederwein

10. "R-B-T-Blues Projekt - "Blues For A Living"
Rob Hobmeier: mundharmonika, gesang
Bel Hubauer: gitarre
Tac Thalhammer: kontra bass

11. Thomas Schmiedl - "Substanz"
(Fritz Köstler / Franz Erlmeier / Thomas Schmiedl)
Thomas Schmiedl: stimmen, text

Produziert und zusammengestellt von Franz Erlmeier und Fritz Köstler.
Aufgenommen und Abgemischt im Dreieier-Studio Aham (1985); eine Dreieier-Produktion
Tonmischung von Franz Erlmeier

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stulna Begär - Fire In Her Eyes 7" (1983, Straight Arts Records)

Another excellent 7", this time from Sweden and certainly influenced by Factory Records. Stulna Begär previously released another 7", and appeared on the 7" compilation "Tusen Och En Natt...". You can hear their tracks from that compilation at, which contain a stronger synth sound.
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Chant! Chant! Chant! - Quicksand 7" (1981, Peig The Man)

Great Irish 7" for fans of dark post punk and early goth... Recorded in Nov. 1980, but not released until July 1981. They also appeared on the highly-sought 7" compilation "The Boddis".
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Strapped - Edna 7" (1985, Brownwind Records)

Humorous, gay-themed minimal electro-pop from Texas. I've never seen any copies with picture sleeves, nor am aware of any other releases. There are some additional live videos on YouTube if you look around, such as this one for the title track on this record:
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preison's Shade - Race Me Home 12" (1987, Amok Records)

Nice, hard-to-find Canadian dark wave band who sadly only released this 12" besides some cassettes. One of the band members has uploaded some videos on YouTube including some tracks not featured here.
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