Saturday, December 29, 2012


Over the next couple weeks I'm going to try to re-up the past posts, but will take some time. I have already updated a few today. If you have any requests let me know as they might move up in the que.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

VA: Dog Rock MLP (1982, Dog Rock)

Another DIY UK compilation featuring two tracks by three different bands in the post-punk, new wave, indie vein. Michael's Toy is my favorite band of the three.

VA: Dog Rock MLP (1982, Dog Rock)

01. The Dalmatians - Supermarche
02. Michael's Toy - Cry Now It's Over
03. Capitel Rosé - Runaway      
04. Capitel Rosé - Tomorrow
05. Michael's Toy - Situation In Tension     
06. The Dalmatians - It's No Fun Anymor
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Last Cry - The Last Cry 12" (1987) + The Last Cry - Downpour 12" (1989)

The Last Cry were yet another UK goth/wave band that formed in 1986 and existed into the early 90s. The majority of the tracks on these two releases contain a Mission-esque sound, but the debut 12" certainly contains some stronger guitar wave influences and is clearly the better of the two in my opinion. You could possibly lump them in with groups such as Flowers For Agatha, Brothers of Craig, Burning Skies of Elysium... though the second 12" has a purely conventional goth rock sound that you might expect from this time period.

An archive site still exists that contains information on the original lifespan of the band as well as some unreleased tracks you can download from this period. Some years back, the band reformed and have been quite active lately (a new CD just came out). If you're interested in checking that out, you can view their Facebook page.

The Last Cry - The Last Cry 12" (1987, A Day Like Today)

01. Going Away        
02. Nowhere To Be Seen        
03. Big Wheel        
04. Sugar Tears

The Last Cry - Downpour 12" (1989, A Day Like Today)

01. Downpour
02. Angel
03. Hunter
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lynn Bau - Frigo 12" (1985) + De Bon Matin 12" (1988)

Here are the only two vinyl releases by Lynn Bau, a French cold wave band. I believe the first 12" was shared once in the past on some other blog, but you can grab both below.

Lynn Bau - Frigo 12" (1985, Bouling Edition)

01. Frigo
02. Depuis Qu'hier
03. Strip
04. Un Poisson Blanc

Lynn Bau - De Bon Matin 12" (1988,  Bouling Edition)

01. De Bon Matin
02. Revez-Dansez
03. En Afrique
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Caves - Don't Need Anyone 7" (1991, Self-Released)

First release by The Caves, who later put out two cds on Dark Star in the mid 90s. Highly Cure-influenced German guitar wave / indie-goth.

The Caves - Don't Need Anyone 7" (1991, Self-Released)

01. Falling Apart
02. Love Is Dead
03. Two Different Dreams
04. Fields of Sorrow
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VA: No Cause For Alarm LP (1981, Plectrum Records)

DIY UK compilation from the early 80's featuring a lot of obscurities. Possibly the best known band is likely to be Yesterdays Parties who also appear on the "In Colour / Music By Numbers" LP compilation from the same year along with bands like Sea of Wires and Phil Brammer that you can find over at Mutant Sounds. The majority of the bands on this one would fall under the generic tags of post-punk, indie / alternative rock, power pop, etc... but check out the sound sample to hear the tracks I thought were the highlights.

VA: No Cause For Alarm LP (1981, Plectrum Records)

01. Toulouse - Breakaway
02. Beatpump - King Canut
03. Dead Souls - Pouring Rain
04. The Prize Guys - Don't U Mess Around
05. No Exit Brighton - Deadlier Than The Male
06. Beatpump - Nero Curtsies
07. The Shrouds - Manifesto No: 1
08. Phaedrus - Ric Racoon
09. Yesterdays Parties - Defoliation
10. 7th Enemy - Panic
11. No Exit - David's Song
12. Pencils - Night & Day.mp3
13. What Judy Said - Moth
14. Mayfair Leisure - Silver Screen.mp3
15. Eyes In The Dark - Sex
16. Yesterdays Parties - Tokyo
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