Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raiding Party - Nacromanic Raiding Party 12" (1986, Pastell Records) | Raiding Party - Disparate 7" (198?, Husky Records)

Here is an unknown German band including members of 90's darkwave act Passion Noire (Bernd Frank Neumann and Peter Hennecken). Over at discogs, the 12" is listed under the band name "Nacromantic Raiding Party", which is how it appears on the sleeve (though the songs are simply credited to "Raiding Party" on the vinyl labels)... so not 100% sure if they were going with this longer name in the beginning or not... Personally, I enjoy the 12" quite a lot for mid 80s dark wave, and it includes the song "Waves" that Passion Noire later re-recorded. The 7" does not include a date, but I am assuming that it came out around '87-88 and it has a stronger guitar wave, indie-goth influence. I also threw in a bonus track from a tape compilation that I have from 1988. There were two demo tapes on ebay 3-5 years back that I got outbid on that were both from 1987 and 1988.

Preview samples:

Raiding Party - Nacromanic Raiding Party 12" (1986, Pastell Records)

01. Waves
02. Guiding Me
03. Laughter

Raiding Party - Disparate 7" (198?, Husky Records)

01. Disparate
02. Anna (She Ask's Herself)

Bonus track from compilation: Tape Rebel 5 K7 (1988, Weed Music)

Raiding Party - Rats
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Rain - Love, Lies & Anxiety Attacks K7 (1991, Deception Records)

I just discovered this highly obscure band couple months ago from a friend asking about a video on youtube, and recently was lucky to find a copy of this cassette to purchase. The Rain were from Sydney, Australia and influenced by 80's post-punk/new wave bands such as The Comsat Angels, The Chameleons, The Sound, The Cure, Japan, etc., but their sound certainly contains some goth overtones too. Apparently this album was also released on CD on a different label (Shock Records) with a different track order according to the information on youtube. In the thank you credits, the Sydney-based goth band Lemon Avenue is mentioned... it would have been great if they would have released this record on their own Left As In Sinister label (probably wouldn't be quite as unknown). Believe this was their only release...

 The Rain - Love, Lies & Anxiety Attacks K7 (1991, Deception Records)

01. Rememberance Day
02. High Handed
03. Charity
04. Con
05. Torrents
06. Lament
07. Love, Lies & Anxiety Attacks
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Van Lukas Orchestra - CF. 68 [Computer Female 68] 7" (1983, Phonic)

Catchy Belgium minimal electro with vocoder vocals on the title track, and a dark ambient piece on the b-side. A little cheesy, but I find it quite enjoyable. The only downside to my copy is that it must have a off-centered hole or some other defect (it's not warped) because the tonearm on my turntable wobbles back-and-forth causing the pitch to sound funky at times. Still very listenable.

Preview samples:

Van Lukas Orchestra - CF. 68 [Computer Female 68] 7" (1983, Phonic)

01. CF. 68
02. The Girl Doesn't Seem To Care
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chatshow - Demo K7 (1984)

Here is a demo tape by mid-late 80's UK goth/guitar wave band Chatshow that Michael from Return to the East blog sent me to borrow couple months back. I was never an overall huge fan of the couple 12" EPs they put out, but will say this tape contains some excellent tracks and is the best material I've heard by them. Makes me want to re-listen to their vinyls again for a refresher. "Impossible Dream" is my favourite here.
Chatshow - Demo K7 (1984)

01. Crown of Thorns
02. Impossible Dream
03. Desire
04. Frustration
05. Bigger Than God
06. Red Skies
07. Misunderstood
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Post #1

Here's something I've never done on here before, but think I might start occasionally posting a random stash of records that have been shared in the past on other blogs (though these are my own rips). From the records here, some of the links have since expired and these may be a higher quality sound. Mixed styles... cold wave, synth, goth, post-punk, new wave...

Böhm ‎- Böhm 8" single-sided flexi (1984, Line Records) | Japan

01. Fried Tail
02. Posessed Love

Leitmotiv - In Camera 7" (1984, Section 37) | France

01. Morne Libido
02. In Camera

Madame Bovary - Be My Friend 7" (1986, Studio Isis) | France

01. Be My Friend (In Spite of All)
02. I'm A Runner

Magic De Spell - Kiss The Mirror LP (1984, Music-Box) | Greece

01. Confusion
02. Run Fast
03. A Story
04. A Fen
05. Valse
06. Sweatin' All Over
07. Desire
08. Screenplay
09. It Hurts
10. Lilies
11. Chains of Love

Phaidia - Phaidia 7" single-sided flexi (1984, City Rocker Records) | Japan

01. 地下室の悪魔達
02. Dancing Death

Rhythm of Life - Soon 7" (1981, Rational Records / Rhythm of Life Records) | UK

01. Soon
02. Summertime

VA: Europe In The Year Zero 12" (1982, S/Phonograph) | UK

01. Colour Me Pop - When Sex Was Fun
02. Colour Me Pop - Bikini Trauma
03. Yazoo - Goodbye 70's
04. Sudeten Creche - Are Kisses Out of Fashion?
05. Sudeten Creche - Dance!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Die Unbekannten - Berlin SO 36 10.2.82 + 20.4.82 K7 (198x)

Super obscure tape that I'm assuming was an unofficial release including two live performances by Die Unbekannten at the famous SO 36 club in Berlin from 1982. Sound quality isn't the greatest, but includes some songs not off any of the vinyls that you've probably never heard before unless you were lucky enough to have saw them live. No song titles are provided unfortunately, but I labeled the songs I recognized from their two 12" EPs and the reissue from Vinyl-On-Demand... other tracks are unknown... so let me know if you happen to know what they are or if I tagged anything incorrectly. I suppose Die Unbekannten deserves no introduction other than... if you've never heard them, go to youtube.

Die Unbekannten - Berlin SO 36 10.2.82 + 20.4.82 K7 (198x)

10.2.82 (Side A)

01. Radio War
02. Against The Wall
03. Alone
04. Poseidon
05. ???
06. Casualties
07. ???
08. ???

20.4.82 (Side B)

09. Radio War
10. Alone
11. ???
12. Against The Wall
13. ???
14. Casualties
15. ???
16. ???
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Gris Regard - I Need A Smile 7" (198x, Piccolo Records / Gamm Records)

Early 80's Belgium new wave / synth 7". The sleeve lists "Gamm Records" as the record company, and the labels on the vinyl lists "Piccolo Records"... so who knows... I don't care for the B-Side, but the A-side is decent dark new wave with some cold overtones. They put out another 7" called "Le Duel Rouge" that I've yet to hear.

Preview samples here:


Gris Regard - I Need A Smile 7" (198x, Piccolo Records / Gamm Records)

01. I Need A Smile
02. The Flame In You
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