Saturday, November 19, 2011

VA: The Last Rumba LP (1983, Flying Nun Records)

Here is an early Flying Nun Records release (New Zealand's most famous indie label) all recorded live in one day at the Rumba Bar in Auckland, New Zealand, 1983. The bands vary quite a bit from post-punk, indie, experimental / avant-garde, alternative, and dark/cold tracks by Phantom Forth (actually listed as Phantom Fourth on this release) + Children's Hour. My main motivating factor to pick this one up was for the exclusive track by Phantom Forth (I posted their great lone 12" last July here). The track by Children's Hour on here is very good too.

Some good news, Paul from Phantom Forth is planning on releasing a CD in 2012 containing a lot of rare material from Phantom Forth + This Is Heaven. He gave me permission to share some rough/non-mastered versions of some of the tracks that are likely to be included on the CD. Should be one to pick it up for sure once it's released. Check the post above for more info if interested.

Samples here:

VA: The Last Rumba LP (1983, Flying Nun Records)

01. The Lesser Speckled Gottliebs - Gottliebing
02. Tall Dwarfs - This Room Is Wrong
03. Eight Living Legs - Tse Tse Fly
04. Flak - To Buy Food
05. Phantom Forth - Night Time Falls
06. "Where Have All The Ideals Gone" [No Artist Credited]
07. Kevin Hawkins - Song With No Future
08. The Heptocrats - One More
09. The Exploding Budgies - Paulsong
10. This Sporting Life - Wriggle Around
11. The Stones - Mother/Father
12. Children's Hour - The Mongolian Brothers Meet Their Match In The Man Mountain
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