Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Pleasure Cell - New Age 7" (1986, Self-Released)

Mega hard-to-find Irish rarity for post-punk, guitar cold, goth fans.You can read a short bio about them here if interested. A video exists on youTube for their track "She's Just A Girl" (not included on this release) that is quite straight-forward indie/alternative rock compared to these tracks. This is their only vinyl release... "New Age" reminds me of a restrained Passion of Ice with an early Cure guitar/bass sound. "Common Ground" is slower and moodier, but the all-around strongest of the two...

Preview samples here (might not work on all browsers):

The Pleasure Cell - New Age 7" (1986, Self-Released)

01. New Age
02. Common Ground
pass: kentuckyfriedwave

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