Saturday, November 19, 2011

Phantom Forth + This Is Heaven - Rare Tracks

Paul Lurker, who ran the New Zealand label Industrial Tapes throughout the 80's + was a member of bands such as Phantom Forth and This Is Heaven is planning on putting out a compiled CD in 2012 containing tracks from his various releases to celebrate 30 years since his first recordings. Luckily, he gave me permission to share some of the tracks that might be featured on that disc in their non-mastered/cleaned-up form (still decent sound considering many old tape recordings). The CD, when released, will contain a higher quality sound.

The two Phantom Forth tracks here come from an '83 demo session, while the This Is Heaven material here spans the following releases: "Self-Titled" K7 (1983), "Albert Northee" K7 (1984), "Above" K7 (1984), and "200 Variations" 7" (1985).

If you've heard the Phantom Forth MLP, these tracks are in the exact style. This Is Heaven is certainly more experimental. Some of their material sounds close to Phantom Forth, while other tracks are quite avant-garde, droney, or 80's lo-fi industrial. The track "Albert Northee" reminds me of modern bands such as Tropic of Cancer. Great stuff, sure to be an interesting release. Hopefully, I can keep you posted on details when it is available.

Phantom Forth + This Is Heaven - Rare Tracks

Phantom Forth - Fragments
Phantom Forth - See You

This Is Heaven - A Bit of Bother
This Is Heaven - Albert Northee
This Is Heaven - And Bullets Within
This Is Heaven - Circa 1941
This Is Heaven - Middling Messing Man
This Is Heaven - Mr Kingdom
This Is Heaven - Turkish Otter Time
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  2. ...holy cow...hopefully the whole of the Phantom Forth mlp will be included in that cd,
    because i can't find a copy of it anywhere i'm afraid... :-/

  3. You don't by chance still have these do you? I also can't seem to find any copies other than a few that are going for a few hundred dollars.

  4. Is there anyway you can re-up this album?