Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ravencathaus - Brothers of The Sun LP (1989, Lucifer Records)

Ravencathaus were a late 80's UK goth band... and like many from this time period, appear to have been incredibly influenced by The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of The Nephilim. Unlike many of the other similar UK bands from the time period, these guys seem to have been total outsiders and/or hermits to the goth community since their name remains so elusive. Somehow they managed to finance a full-length LP, though I have the feeling that very few actually heard it.

I was in communication with one of the members couple years ago (some still played together in a rock band - can't recall their name at the moment), and was told that some cassettes were released as well. Believe the guy also commented that this LP was basically garage-recorded. That said, the production can be a bit rough around the edges (adding its own charm), though the bulk of the songs themselves are solid, good quality goth rock tunes certainly better than many of the popular goth bands from the late 80's / early 90's. Perhaps a bit similar to bands such as the The Wake from the USA / Ohio.

Preview samples here:

Ravencathaus - Brothers of The Sun LP (1989, Lucifer Records)

01. Kingdom
02. Creed
03. Shade
04. Burning
05. Spirit
06. Khristianne
07. Tacnevar
08. Sleep
09. Drown
10. Obsession
11. Take Me Away
12. Reincarnate
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  1. Thank you! Awesome job in keeping the music alive. Hey, have you ever heard of an Irish goth band called Tower of Babel? I've been trying to track down their Sunrising EP for ages, but apparently it's obscure to the point of near non-existence.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi, I am aware of this band, but never have purchased either 7" (though I have seen the 7"'s a few times in the past for sale). Believe I have a mp3 copy of one of their singles (think it is "Sunrising") that an old friend sent to me some years back. Seems like the vinyl transfer wasn't very good (somebody did way-too-much noise reduction) from what I remember. I'll have to check this weekend.

  3. After looking, turns out I have a copy of their other 7", "Drown". sorry

  4. This is my father inlaw and his brothers old band

  5. That's great. Tell them there's probably a handful of people out there who'd love to hear some demos.

  6. I wouldn't mind hearing Drown, as well. But Sunrising seems to be the Holy Grail, as most people I've come across haven't heard of the band, let alone the song. Thanks for looking.

  7. Link disponible