Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Vengeful Widows - Both 7" singles + 1 K7 (1989-1994)

Someone requested some Vengeful Widows on here couple months back, so here are the releases I own. A bizarre late 80s-mid 90s UK goth entity playing primitive, lo-fi, dollar-bin drum-machine,'82-83 period Sisters of Mercy-influenced tracks mixed with the doom/gloom weirdness of bands such as Dass causing them stand out a bit from the typical Eldrich-obsessed nuts (and eliminating any chance in hell for commercial success even in "goth" circles). The main member was Gavin Blackwidow, the K7 I have has Elanor on bass, and Mick Mercer's Gothic Rock book mentions a member named Libby (drums, chimes, occasional vocals), along with Suzie the Doom Machine. All of their releases appear to have been self-released on their own label Crypt of the Necromancer, and after two 7" singles, the remaining releases were cassette only. Naturally, all of their releases are quite hard to come by, and there isn't a great deal of information out there on the web. Besides these releases, they also had the following tapes (and quite possibly more): "S/T", "Cry", "The Dark", "The Violet", and "Cross Sexion" (seen this one referenced in a zine, but never heard/seen it...). Mick Mercer's Gothic Rock books claims they formed in '87 in Liverpool, but didn't get around to actually writing music until they moved to Stourbridge in '89. The Hex Files book released in '96 writes, "I have yet to meet anyone who has seen these late 80's hermits. In fact it may all be the work of one man but there are still two charming singles and five separate demos available. Bedsit Bauhaus, sofa-bound Sisters."

The Vengeful Widows - What Made Us Change 7" (1989, Crypt of The Necromancer)

01. What Made Us Change
02. Halloween

The Vengeful Widows - Turn Out The Light 7" (1990, Crypt of The Necromancer)

01. Turn Out The Light
02. Cry

The Vengeful Widows - Rise K7 (1994, Crypt of The Necromancer)

01. Rise
02. Hourglass
03. Susan
04. Mourning
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