Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disorder - Ventriloquist 7" (1991, Big Noise Records)

German darkwave band active in the early-mid 90's, also sometimes known as "The Disorder". Here is their only vinyl release, a 7" limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. The band began on Big Noise Records (later to become the popular 90's German Goth/Electro/Darkwave label Dion Fortune) releasing a S/T K7 and this 7" in 1991. In 1993, they self-released the "Amnesia" CD which contains many of the elements found here with a bit better production and some stronger electronic influences creeping in on some tracks. Following this they put out two more releases in 1995 that I have never heard or seen anywhere for sale: "Inspiration To Hamlet" K7 and "MoveDown" CD/K7. They also appear on quite a few compilations, such as their excellent contributions to "Behind Mysterious Gates (The Vicious Circles)" CD (1992, No Control Torture) and "Cascades" K7 (posted below)... to name a few. Band member Manfred Thomaser went on to synthpop/electropop bands Distain! and Arsine Tibé. I've been looking for their first tape since around 2004, but have only ran into it one time back in 2006 (and the seller would not ship outside of Europe when I contacted him)

Their early sound is quite alike many underground German wave bands from the early 90s explosion... fits in nicely among Visions of Domino, Dusk To Dawn, Fields of Winter, No Critics, early Prophet O'Haphazard, Elephant Castle, etc. This 7" starts off with "Ventriloquist" containing some synthpop undertones and backing female vocals, "Into The Dark" is DARK and will probably be the standout track to most. "All About You" is a ballad, and "Friends" has a whispery minimalistic sound.

Disorder - Ventriloquist 7" (1991, Big Noise Records)

01. Ventriloquist
02. Into The Dark
03. All About You
04. Friends

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  1. If you see another copy of this one please give me a shout ... as you say, well worth it for the stand out track, which is genuinely amazing.

  2. yeah I will, it randomly pops up every once-in-a-while... have seen it a few times since around 2003/4. I have 2 copies, one was gave to me for free from a friend who no longer bought vinyl nor had a turntable, though that copy doesn't play through very good.