Saturday, May 28, 2011

VA: Once Bitten LP (198x, Red Door)


I had this one laying out, so figured I'd go ahead and upload it before I put it back in storage. It is common to see this one sale for $50-70 when it occasionally shows up on eBay because most sellers do not offer much information about it other than "minimal synth" with the hope that the market might believe that there a bunch of obscure synth gems on here... but don't be fooled. The highlight is Trem's "My Robotic Friend", which is an excellent minimal electro-pop track.... but like many compilations from this era there isn't much else worth listening to in my opinion. Tier Garden is likely the best known band on here and I suppose their track is bearable (not really memorable). Blind Tenant rocks a NWOBHM tune with some slight goth-crossover, Dance On Dance offers commercial new wave with some synth, and Street Aliens border on vintage indie/alternative rock However, the rest of the material is pop/rock territory. Trem also released a 7" including the track featured on this LP, which can be found here.

I'm not 100% when this came out, probably 1984 since the plain white paper sleeve has "Made in England R.S. 1-84" printed on it...


01. Arc Connexion - Bata Bata
02. Harliquin - Jealous Eyes
03. Dance On Dance - No Happy Ending
04. Mother Russia - No Ones Girls
05. Street Aliens - Intrigue Hell
06. Ron Gandertons Conception - Good News For Lovers
07. Trem - My Robotic Friend
08. Life of Leisure - Working Up A Street
09. Tier Garden - Games of The Tear Garden
10. Blind Tenant - In The Earth
11. Kookoo Bazooka - Tomorrow Last Another Day
12. The Young Revelation - Emily
13. Ron Warren Ganderton - Dancing With My Shadow
14. Flexi-I - So Fine
15. Dimitrios - Rain At First
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  1. ...excellent write-up, and deeply appreciated (once again!)

    Here's another minimal synth foo-bar,
    that a good friend passed me over few days ago...
    According to popsike's history, it was sold for...113$:
    whoever was expecting a 2nd "The Castle" there,
    probably got very disappointed afterwards...

  2. Great upload, thanks! I was watching this last time it was on eBay but got distracted by.... other things :)

  3. The link for that Tomo Akikawabaya release here in the comments is dead now and I can't find any downloads for it anywhere else. Could you please re-upload it? I'm dying to hear it. I have The Castle and 1985, so let me know if you'd like downloads for those in return.

  4. I was in the band Trem who appear on this (glad we were the highlight!!) it def. came out in 1984.

  5. Hi, great blog, just find this.

    Any chance to re-up this compilation, I'll be grateful.


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  7. That's me on the cover with my gf and her sister. I have the booklet on PDF if anyone wants a copy