Sunday, May 29, 2011

Séance - Detlef & Destemonia's End MLP (1987, Lux Noire) ||| Séance - Blue Dolphin Blue LP (1988, 150 BPM Records)

 Séance - Detlef & Destemonia's End MLP (1987, Lux Noire)

I had these two records out and did see that they were once posted on some New Romantic themed blog I'd never seen/heard of before back in 2008... but am re-posting my personal rips regardless - which are likely better quality. Séance were a Swiss band mixing synthpop with some coldwave elements. I've yet to hear their later '89 7" release, but this is my favorite from the two I have. Sometimes the vocals can be quite over-the-top, which might cause a chuckle.... but solid stuff all the way through if you enjoy this style. A quick comparison that comes to mind is Ligne D'Hiver meets early Second Decay... though I wouldn't consider that 100% accurate.
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Séance - Blue Dolphin Blue LP (1988, 150 BPM Records)

Here is the second release... certainly more polished and produced than the MLP, but still containing some worthwhile tracks such as the great "My Room". I do recall some of the songs having some cheesy / laughable lyrics -- heh, but I don't think that should be any surprise.
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  2. Well Well!! As most do when they finally come across a blog, the blog is older and abandoned with a lot of fine material left behind.
    This band Séance with these 2 albums is one good example.
    Any rebound here please re-up both these albums. Thanks for sharing !! Appreciate it very much !!