Friday, May 6, 2011

Cages Play - Midnight In Katowice 7" (198?, SSM)

Yet another one of these obscure UK bands who put out one single in the early 80s and disappeared.
"Midnight In Katowice" has that darker early 80s UK post punk vibe you'd expect to hear on a private press with some backing synth thrown in... certainly the highlight for me. The b-side "Abstraction" is a bit lighter, but mixing elements of early 80s UK indie / new wave / synth...
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Deeply thanks for ripping and sharing that one,
    i certainly owe you big time for doing so!!!

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  3. Sorrow Vomit.. I remember you from Myspace a good while back. I hope these gnarly storms haven't tore into your area.Best wishes from E.Tennesse. Sorry for the removed post,I hadn't used google accounting for awhile.


  4. Yeah luckily it's been fine where I live other than wet for the past couple weeks and some occasional storms... though some parts of the city were underwater.

  5. That banner is twisted dude....nice choice.

  6. v nice surprise to discover your blog, great notice