Monday, May 16, 2011

Stranger Still - Solitude 7" (1981, Exit Records)

Life has been busy this week... but here is some serious doom and gloom that should please fans of both coldwave + minimal who enjoy some Joy Division influences thrown into the mix. Recorded at Spaceward Studios, which was also responsible for recording 13th Chime, 1919, Analysis, Art Failure, Autopilot, Bauhaus, Dance Chapter, Desperate Bicycles, Drinking Electricity, Gothic Girls, The Mob, Modern English, Perfect Vision, Play, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Sad Lovers & Giants, and many other great bands --> My copy plays with a bit of crackle in parts, so eventually would like to pick up another copy... Nevertheless, great stuff!
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Even if it's slightly fuzzy sounding,still great music. I think that sound is the allure to many vinyl collectors from back in the day.Coincidentally, you wouldn't have the Ian Elm's lp among your stacked vinyl monoliths?Would really to get to hear that one..

  2. Sorry don't have that one... seems like I saw it sell for $200+ few months back!

  3. My friend, this is a really great 7''. It stroke me right in the head... great post punk tune!!!
    Definitely it will be part of a "share-among-friends" compilation that I am preparing nowadays.
    Thank you for this post!
    Excellent blog, by the way.

    -The Psychopomp-

  4. good record. went to school with the guys that did this, but early 80's last i saw them. based in north norfolk uk. i had this record but lent to a friend in early 90's and well....? next time i see 'em i'll ask for it back :)

  5. thinkin about it, members of this band were in another band called 'winston'. saw them as well around same period. think they also released a record but didn't get that.

  6. Hi, I was the drummer on Solitude, singer on Survivor. The band broke up not long after this and some of us formed a band called Nothing Sacred (supported Modern English/13th Chime/Play Dead etc). Later some of the band formed a band called Shine who got a load of music press at that time. I still work in music. This is very nice to see and read. Thanks.