Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Emotional Outburst - Verloren K7 (1992, Self-Released)

Here's a request... the first release by Emotional Outburst. I first heard them with the track "Die Nacht" (included on this tape) from the "040 Hamburg Strikes Back!" compilation. Musically a mix of German dark wave and electro with both male/female vocals... quite dramatic and over-the-top at times... reminds me of De Vermis Mysteriis, Lore of Asmoday, Misantrophe, Relatives Menschsein, the theatrical side of early Danse Macabre Records... They released two more tapes after this and a CD in '97 that was far more mellow compared to these recordings and not very good/interesting in my opinion. Oddly, their website still exists:

Preview samples:


Emotional Outburst - Verloren K7 (1992, Self-Released)

01. Die Nacht
02. Psycho
03. The Light
04. Evelyn
05. Amelias Revenge
06. Dancing Devils
07. Tote Seele
08. Verloren
09. Gefangen
10. Dreams
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  1. thanks a bunch for putting this out...I kinda like it to be honest...hopefully you can post more random k7 material soon :D

  2. Oh, man. Is there anyway you'd consider putting this back up? ♡♡