Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chow-Chow - Hide MLP (1984, Antler Records)

I had heard one track in the past by Chow-Chow that I really didn't like off some Belgium compilation (guessing it is from their other 12"), so felt like I was taking a gamble with this here... luckily this one is overall good quality Siouxsie style goth / new wave. According to discogs, singer Bea Van Der Maat later worked as a TV presenter and this band reformed as the much less interesting Won Ton Ton in '87.

Preview samples:

Chow-Chow - Hide MLP (1984, Antler Records)

01. Mekka
02. Hide & Smile
03. Heaven Knows
04. Girl
05. Enemy Gods
06. The Best
07. Still
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. I was seeking for this one since 1997 (when I heard Mekka for the first time in a Belpop archives)... Thanks a lot, I liked too much!!

  2. Hi, can you repost this record? I lost my backup HD, and lost almost all of these marvellous music!


  3. Deleted due to inactivity... any chance for a re-up?
    I saw this band perform a few times even before they issued their records and I really loved them. I bought their second record but never got hold of this one.
    Further I can inform the reader that the singer has chosen to return to anonymity after her media carreer and she's currently working as a teacher in a secondary school.

  4. Same request here, I would love a re-up. Had that record on vinyl but lent it to someone who never gave it back.

  5. kan u deze danlowd link is herladen alstublieft