Friday, May 18, 2012

Aurore - Rock' Mantique 12'' (198?, Self-Released)

Cross Italo with some cold wave and you get this mysterious French (Trélazé) 12" by Aurore that I'm guessing came from the early 80's (no year listed). This is the only release I've ever seen by them, one archived ebay auction from popsike writes, "AURORE France only private locl pressing 12" angelina + instrumental version , check the great dark synth wave intro , the cold wave bass,  like if touching pop meets sad italo synth , great great tune, and the instrumental is fantastic !! don't need to look for it, you won't find any information on the web or anybody having it in stock , very rare !"

Aurore - Rock' Mantique 12'' (198?, Self-Released)

01. Angelina (Chant)
02. Angelina (Musique)
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Hey Sorrow-

    What's the chance of getting Ex-Voto's "don't look back" ep and some of their demos?

    1. Wow! What a good finding! Thank you soo much for sharing ths beautiful and obscure Aurore songs. Beautiful!