Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VA: The Timebox LP (1987, Timebox Records)

[A very brief description summary of the information on the back sleeve]
The Timebox was formed as a live music club in Feb. 1986 at the Bull & Gate pub in Kentish Town, London. A second location (Timebox 2) was created in Camberwell as well. The Timebox also manages bands, works as an agency for others, and has set up a record label.

This one contains a mix of goth, indie, c86, alternative, new wave, and punk bands. Overall a decent collection of UK bands with many exclusive tracks, some of the highlights (for me) include Black Cillas, The Fifteenth, We Are Going To Eat You, A Strange Desire, The Laughing Mothers, and Only Connect.

01. Blyth Power – Probably Won't Be Easy
02. Persuasion – Sin Baby
03. Black Cillas - Shooting Stars
04. Menticide - Sunday Night
05. Thatcher On Acid - Got You Covered
06. Children Held Hostage - Black Day
07. We Are Going To Eat You - Waiting
08. Stump - Tupperware Stripper
09. Saviours Of Pop Music - Love Is Miles Away
10. Stitched Backfoot Airmen - The Dirty's Happened
11. The Fifteenth - Time Stood Still
12. A Strange Desire - On Another Day
13. Resistance - We Wish You
14. Only Connect - Lord Of The Dance
15. The Laughing Mothers - Let The Light
16. Brad Is Sex - Rocking On A Saturday Night

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  1. definitely looking forward to hearing this one. I actually have a copy of the We Are Going to Eat You LP that i haven't played (i think it's still sealed). just forgot about it until now! might have to give it a whirl.

  2. The Timebox was an Oasis of talent in the late 80s. Not the biggest venue around, but definitely one of the best audiences around, even though they stole drummers' shoes!

  3. I realize this is a pretty old post, but I'd love to have a reupload of this compilation- anything by The Fifteenth is very rare! There's a few other tracks I'd love to hear as well- thanks!

  4. thanks, man! Would you happen to have Only Connect's Khan 12'' and/or any Brad Is Sex release?