Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VA: Nationale Rockmeeting LP (1982, Pyramid)

This one contains Parade Ground's first track, which is maybe their best track ever (in my opinion) if you enjoy their early coldwave period. However, most of the material on this compilation is by a bunch of Belgian rock bands sporting 70's porn mustaches... which makes me wonder how the hell Parade Ground got on here in the first place. The track by Zo Wie Zo is the second best track (certainly nothing essential though), and The Tuxedo's have a new wave/power pop sound... but not really my cup of tea. Concerning Parade Ground - Look for a collection of their early material coming out on Dark Entries Records in the coming months...

01. The Tuxedo's - Strangers Passing By
02. Parade Ground - I Shut My Eyes
03. Sprouts U.T.D. - I Know
04. The Perro - Nice Guys
05. Cognac - Rhino
06. The Rejects - Nowhere To Go
07. Zo Wie Zo - In M'n Kamer
08. Costa Gravas - The Beauty & The Beast

pass: kentuckyfriedwave

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