Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zero Vision - Zero Vision 12" (198?, Self-Released)

One of my favorite 80's German goth/deathrock releases, but never have been able to find any information about them other than their name being mentioned amongst a list of others in the "Ghostriders of German Gothic Vol. 1" compilation. I'm guessing this one came out in the mid-late 80's... but the record contains absolutely no information other than some last name credits. Reminds me of a cobweb drenched Asmodi Bizarr with some Gargoyle Sox camp thrown in.

Preview samples:

Zero Vision - Zero Vision 12" (198?, Self-Released)

01. Scenery
02. Loss of Nerve (Chainsaw)
03. Infinity
04. Fear of The Dark
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. this has been on my to hear list for sometime.. I came across this 12" awhile ago when I was living in Germany but with my joyful luck had absolutely no money to buy it (they were asking around 40 euro) so cheers for this

  2. Hi :)

    Let me start by saying that your blog is amazing & probably my new favorite one.

    I came across it while looking for some information about The Funeral Party - not the new Californian band - and a song of theirs, 'Hunger', to publish on my FB page.
    Since you've mentioned them in your post about Desertshore (and Pafe Record) i was wondering if you had any more information i could use about them.

    Thanks for reading this - you can find me on Facebook : Tata Corbeau.


  3. Thanks for your kind words, but sorry I do not have any specific information about the band other than what you might find on discogs referring to releases.

  4. Andie, after re-reading what you wrote... the song "Hunger" is from an early 90s US band called Funeral Party from the NYC area... not to be confused with the Japanese band. There are a couple "gothy" bands with the same name including a mid/late 80s German band that also put out a 12".

    I don't have much info on the NYC Funeral Party... but do own their 12", but as you can see on discogs... it doesn't contain much info ( This band also had a demo cassette in 1990.

    There is another early 90s goth/ethereal band with a Cocteau Twin's influenced sound also know as Funeral Party that did a CD on Silent Scream Records called "Serpentine" in '93. Don't think there was any relationship between the two bands since they sound a lot different.

  5. Thanks a lot :)

    I did suspect that kind of band name was popular in that genre - but this popular... ! That probably means i have samples of each of these bands in my Funeral Party folder.

    Anyway, these informations were really helpful - thanks again.

    Now, it's time for me to joyfully loot that blog of yours ;)

    See you^^

  6. This is great! The vocals remind me a lot of X-Mal Deutschland. Thanks!!

  7. che loco alguien seria tan piola y me traduce las letras porq lo escucho hace una banda pero nunca supe q dice soy de argentina