Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rosegarden Funeral - These Haunted Hours CDR (1988)

Here is a great donation from Michael from the Return To The East blog. Originally, he had posted another earlier tape by Rosegarden Funeral here couple years back. This unofficial CDR came from a band member and appears to contain most of the material from their third tape (with a few alterations).

I first read about Rosegarden Funeral as a teenager in Mick Mercer's Gothic Rock book, and by the description there... they seemed right up my alley. However, I have never ever seen any of the cassettes for sale (quite a rarity accomplishment!). Musically, gloomy early Sisters of Mercy comparisons without being a total clone... some very nice tracks besides the ones previously heard from the above mentioned post such as "These Haunted Hours" and "Brittle Glass Tears".

Like a few others who run similar blogs, have had some problems with mediafire removing files without warning. Thus, motivation has been rather low lately. Difficult to know why the files were deleted... download traffic, specific matching keywords in file names?? Believe me, most of the stuff on here isn't that easy to find... As a test, I made this file a password-protected, encrypted file and will likely continue this for now on. We'll see...

Rosegarden Funeral - These Haunted Hours CDR (1988)

01. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
02. Angel
03. These Haunted Hours
04. Basilisk
05. The Hanging Tree
06. Brittle Glass Tears
07. Strange Fruit (Billy Holiday cover)
08. Hollow Heart
09. An Acid Valentine
10. Vendetta
11. Black Orchid
12. Burial Ground
13. Lifeblood
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Love your blog. cheers from NYC.

    I just d-loaded this without entering any password. mediafire worked fine.

  2. Do you happen to have the demos from Kathedral (new jersey) and Phobia (germany)? I also want Ex-Voto's "don't look back" ep... I have it on blue vinyl, but would be nice to have it on here...

    I can get you a few demos of Shadowplay...

    e-mail me if interested.

    1. Don't have the Kathedral demo tape... was in communication with them some years ago via myspace and they had plans of putting out a CD... but obviously it never happened. Have only seen the tape on ebay once in 2003/4.

      Phobia, I have their tape (think it's called "A Piece of Fear"). They put out another one too someone I used to talk with once got... but believe it was only 4-6 songs and basically tracks off the same tape if I remember correctly.

      Ex-Voto, yeah I have that 12". Got both the black and blue versions.

      Shadowplay, I have the three main tapes + more recordings... but don't own the originals so won't be posting them here besides the first tape that I do own.

    2. What's the chance of getting that Ex-Voto and Phobia music on here (or at least to my e-mail =) ?

      I have Ex-Voto, but my record is back in the States (I live in Australia).

      As for Kathedral- I think their demo was a 4 song one,they re-recorded the songs,but I always like the raw demo versions of a me crazy-lol

    3. Do you have Momento Mori uk's demo tapes?

  3. Think the Kathedral demo might have had a few more tracks... I saved the info from the ebay auction long time ago... but not sure what I've done with the file at the moment or if I even still have it... think it was produced by Eric from Requiem In White.

    Momento Mori tapes... of all the highly varied quality 90s goth tapes I do have (some terrible ones for sure!), Momento Mori are one of those bands that I've had the opportunity to get several times but have passed on them due to price, other more interesting items at the time, and can think of a time that I let an old friend go after them instead when they were on ebay. I do have a lot of their stuff on CDRs though... live and studio. I was listening to "Deathwish" by them few weeks ago, nice track.

  4. Different Heaven, Abandon Hope,and Big Nadir are my favorite songs by Momento Mori...

    Requiem in White- I have some demo of their's back in the States (pride's unhappy end). I have Kill Sister Kill's demos as well, London After Midnight's demo with October...probably a lot of demos to be honest.I used to keep in touch with a lot of bands in the late 80's and 90's.

    So what do you say about the Phobia and Ex-Voto recordings?

  5. I pulled out the Phobia tape this weekend. I have "Pride's Unhappy End" but none of the other earlier tapes. Kill Sister Kill - 2 tapes... used to have some more recordings someone I used to talk with got from the band including an unreleased full-length... but lost it in a hard drive crash.

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  7. I have 3 tapes from Kill Sister Kill...the "white tape" and the 3 track black tape (with Gladys,Down and Poisonous fix), as well as Sororicide.I met the band during some Goth fest in San Fransisco.

    I have a few other demos of bay area goth bands as well.

    You dig out that Ex-Voto record? =)


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  9. Brilliant band and post, any chance of somehow still obtaining this diamond or any of the aforementioned Momento Mori UK studio stuff? Cheers!

  10. hey any chance of a reload would be appreaciated

  11. Hey! the link doesnt seem to work and im desperately trying to find a download or physical copy of this album. If you can email it to me id really appreciate it.

  12. i am desperatly searching for places to buy music or vinyl by Rosegarden Funeral, can you maybe resend the DL link please? The original one doesnt seem to work anymore..thanks so much