Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silent Guests - House of Wax 7'' (1982, TW Records)

Pretty good UK band with a dark new wave/post-punk sound... sort of reminds me of an amateur For Against if they were British... powerpop gone gothic.... or the band Rhythm Method from Flux Records. Oddly, this appears to be the band's final release with two previous records in '81 ('Desperate Measures' 7" + 'In My Secret Garden' LP). You can check out their LP here and some more info here (though the audio files wouldn't stream when I tried them at this blog). Someone left a comment on one of those links claiming that the singer/guitarist (David Cole) of this band also played guitar in Moskow (excellent 'Heat-House' 7").

Preview samples here:

Silent Guests - House of Wax 7'' (1982, TW Records)

01. House of Wax
02. The Guillotine
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