Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Primary - Radio Silence 7" (1983, Goldfish Records)

Obscure UK synth wave band off the Goldfish label that morphed into Peeved Records after this releasing tapes by Perfect Vision, President Reagan Is Clever, The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, amongst many others. This band started out under the name Gestalt, apparently with a bleak synthesizer / Joy Division sound, and released a cassette single + had some tracks on a compilation tape (both released through the Stick It In Your Ear fanzine). Band members were friends with Tears For Fears, and the Gestalt cassette single was recorded in their studio. With Louise Tierney taking over the vocals, the band changed their name to The Primary and went in a stronger "pop" direction. This was the only release while active (limited to 500 copies), later in 1987 a compilation tape called "A For Assasination" was released by Peeved Records containing studio and live recordings. For more info, check out the Peeved Records website.

Preview samples here:

The Primary - Radio Silence 7" (1983, Goldfish Records)

01. Radio Silence
02. Responding
pass: kentuckyfriedwave