Saturday, December 10, 2011

VA: Gotham K7 (1994, Gotham Productions)

Mega rare compilation tape compiled by Carlos Enriquez out of Jersey City, New Jersey featuring bands from the US, UK, and Germany. If you were actively listening to current goth music in the 90s, this one features some well-known tracks by household names (The Wake, Love Like Blood, Sunshine Blind, Dream Disciples...), but also contains quite a few difficult to obtain demos (Kathedral, Shadowplay, Momento Mori, Kill Sister Kill, The Shroudettes (pre-The Shroud), Children On Stun...).

The absolute highlight is a track from the impossible to find Kathedral demo tape, a New Jersey-based band with a Christian Death-inspired sound that a handful of people have had interest in over the years from what I've gathered talking with folks. Member(s) later played in Electric Frankenstein + Shadow Project, and four of their songs were included on Electric Frankenstein's "The Dawn of The Electirc Frankenstein" CD (2000), though these were obviously later recordings than what is featured here from their original demo cassette.

I'd say this one is for goth rock fans only...

VA: Gotham K7 (1994, Gotham Productions)

01. The Wake - Nazarene
02. Love Like Blood - Doomsday 2
03. Like Wreckage - Justine
04. Momento Mori UK - Big Nadir
05. Shadowplay - Blood Moon
06. Kill Sister Kill - Sister Sunday
07. Phobia - Jack
08. The Shroudettes - The Beginning of The End
09. Kathedral - Evening Fear
10. Sunshine Blind - Keyeslough
11. Children On Stun - Downfall
12. Dream Disciples - Resting Place
13. Restoration II - Come Close My Eyes
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  1. I brought this up to Carlos recently and he was amazed anyone still had a copy! Major dude.

  2. Believe someone else I used to talk with in the past, who also lives in the US, has a copy as well.

  3. Wow-I used to have this...I would have to dig it up!

  4. Do you have any music from a band called "flowers of sacrifice", i know they have a myspace with a few songs on their page but i was wondering if you had any of their work or demos, it seems impossible to find anywhere. Also do you know a band called "dead souls" their really rare and have a song included on the machina 1987 compilation tape, along with another really rare band called "the romance" on the same tape, i was wondering if you knew of them or had any info.

  5. there seems to be a band on discogs called "dead souls rising" with a demo tape i want but i dont know if their the same band

  6. I know the "Machina" compilation very well and really do like the tracks by Dead Souls + The Romance... but I do not own the original tape... so do not know anything about those bands. I'm guessing the booklet that comes with the tape would have some information. However, I do not think Dead Souls and Dead Souls Rising are related at all since DSR didn't form until '93 and have a female singer (probably some videos on youtube if interested in hearing them). There was a late 80's/early 90's UK band called Dead Souls as well that I never have heard that was mainly a Cure cover band.

    The Flowers of Sacrifice - I have their 1st tape "Flower Power". Very crude Sisters of Mercy clone.

  7. Would it be possible to post that tape here? I'm real interested in hearing it

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