Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Roman Index - Revolution 7" (1981, 1,2,3, Records)

Superb obscure UK diy dark post-punk band. Crazy this isn't more well-known even amongst die-hard collectors. This is one of those lucky finds I took a chance on some years back when I saw it for sell even though I had never heard of the band before because the seller claimed it sounded like Bauhaus meets Morrissey. Well, not quite... but that might make sense to someone who isn't deeply into these genre(s) --> and I wasn't disappointed! I have only seen it for sell once since the time I discovered it (3-4 years ago) and have had it on my eBay radar since for curiosity, so obviously quite rare.

Here is a video for an alternate version of the title track that appears on this 7" that seems have been uploaded by a band member based on the content (photos/flyers) so that you can check it out...

The Roman Index - Revolution 7" (1981, 1,2,3, Records)

01. Revolution
02. Burn Those Books
pass: kentuckyfriedwave