Saturday, July 9, 2011

Phantom Forth - The EP MLP (1984, Flying Nun Records)

Sort of New Zealand's answer to bands like Isolation Ward, Spray Pals, Tee Vee Pop, etc... Lo-fi, cold/dark wave with female vocals (and some occasional male vox too). Really good stuff, and a record that took me a couple years to simply hunt down a copy for sale (not that it was ever too expensive). At least one of the members of this band was involved in This Is Heaven, who released the "200 Variations" 7" that always goes for 3-digit prices whenever I've noticed it on eBay over the past years. Phantom Forth also had another good live track on the compilation "The Last Rhumba", which I might eventually upload here.... though lately has been hardly any free time! Unlike many, I'm not a huge fan of Flying Nun Record's entire catalog, but this is the one (along with Children's Hour) for cold/dark fans.
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. ...this has to be by far one of the greatest records,
    that have been ripped/posted out there in the blogosphere during 2011...
    i'm really astonished that no one else has commented yet here!

    Not really sure how good i am at expressing my thanks to people,
    i do know/can tell we all owe you big time for sharing this one...

  2. Hi, Paul from Phantom Forth here, glad you like this, we only pressed 300 of these. Can you do me a favour an email me ( – would really like a copy of our song on the Last Rumba. Cheers.

  3. Just found this - many, many thanks!

  4. Sorrow - don't know what to say in regards to all your work re-uploading all this stuff....

    Suffice to say, I was here a year ago with a tear in me eye ( *all the downed links)

    I feel very fortunate to hear all this stuff now. It is mega, mega-appreciated!