Friday, October 25, 2013

Animation - Frame One 7" (1982, Dance Fools Dance)

Great 7" for fans of a more raw, DIY '81-82 era Cure that coincidentally just happened to be released by Robert Smith himself on his own Dance Fools Dance label. The last track, "Foreign Lands" is a bit more goth-oriented, but the other two tracks could have been Pornography-era Cure demos.

An apparent quote from a Facebook page that might no longer exist:

Robert Smith (The Cure) also played a big part in the career of, then 16 year old, Leon Muraglia and his band, Animation. Leon said: "I played a bit with The Obtainers at school, I knew Robert Smith through The Cure's Porl Thompson, who worked at L+H Cloake in town (the record shop). He lived round the corner from me, so I’d often pop round on a Sunday and sit and talk - sounds a bit weird, I know! And sometimes he'd invite me in and give me a guitar to play. He ended up producing and putting out the Frame One 7-inch on his label, Dance Fools Dance in 1982. We pressed 500 singles, which Smith left in the back of his car (a white Vauxhall VX1800 estate), for a few sunny days when he went on a drinking binge with Steve Severin of Siouxsie + The Banshees so half of them were badly warped."

Animation - Frame One 7" (1982, Dance Fools Dance)

01. Secret Life
02. Genevieve
03. Foreign Lands
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