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Les Zeiga Fleurs - Good Men Die Quietly! K7 (1983, Zeiga Records)

Raw early 80s Hull-based goth band. This tape was released on Zeiga Records/Recordings that was also responsible for releasing Punctured Tough Guy's "Warped Houses" cassette.

Here is a humorous description taken from

Sharon's dreadful old goth band. They were awful, but here's a nice photo from her small-girl-with-enormous-bass days.

I have got a number of LZF tapes at home but do not really think that the world is ready for such a goth revival. For that reason I have decided not to put any of their awful music on this page. I know what my band did was not The Beatles or anything, but it was still better than LZF.

For those of you lucky enough not to have seen or heard them, here is a precis:
  • Hairspray
  • Booming doom-laden bass lines
  • Extra-big drum kit
  • Funereal set
  • No fun
  • Black clothing de rigeur
  • No summer songs to lift your hearts
  • Best left alone
LZF's founder and leader was Ingo Dewsnap. He recorded a large number of local bands at 51 Stepney Lane on his 4-track portastudio. As such he deserves credit for being the first to record The Housemartins, and for getting a local scene going. Unfortunately, LZF probably blots his copybook beyond redemption.

Sounds pretty awesome to me! :) ...If you enjoy early 80s obscure goth bands, certainly not as bad as that description applies... some decent tunes for sure if you can sit through the mucky recordings.

Les Zeiga Fleurs - Good Men Die Quietly! K7 (1983, Zeiga Records)

01. Les Zeiga Fleurs
02. Could You Love Me?
03. Searching
04. Cinono
05. Illusion
06. Distant Eyes
07. The Cold October
08. Vagina Crisis
09. The Signature's Signed
10. In Far Off Days
11. Anyone
12. Trust
13. Drowning
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  1. Thanks you very much, always wanted to hear this one. Amazing collection thanks for sharing all your treasures. Regards!

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