Friday, August 19, 2011

Screaming Fools - Recent Moments In Life 12" (1991, Self-Released)

Another very good quality, rarely mentioned German private-press oddity from the early 90s mixing dark wave and guitar wave, not too dissimilar to country mates Dusk To Dawn and others from the German wave scene of that era.

The first track "I Wonder" is probably the most radio-friendly of the bunch (think Pink Turns Blue, Escape With Romeo, The Colour of Spring, The Convent, Blessing In Disguise, etc. if recorded on a small budget), "The Light" reminds me of Passion Noire with a stronger Cure influence (my second favorite track on here), "The Girl & The Train" is an okay track, and "No More" is the dark wave smasher that might make you want to hunt this one down.

No other releases from this band unless some cassettes are available... which wouldn't surprise me because I do have one live track by them included on the German Beton Tapes compilation tape "Brave Boys Keep Their Promises" released in 1992. The keyboard player is now in an electronic band called The Promise, and some past Electro/EBM/Synthpop bands such as Philtron and SFOR Crime.
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