Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dichroic Mirror - Dichroic Mirror K7 (1992, Mesmeric Records)

Very good quality early cassette release by US goth band Dichroic Mirror, who went on to release three cds between 1994-2000 that I doubt that many people ever bothered listening to (and must have called it quits sometimes afterwards). Their sound could possibly draw comparisons to some other US bands active around the same time period such as Stone 588, Mephisto Walz, Requiem In White, or early material by The Shroud... but they certainly have their own unique melodramatic elements, ghostly female vocals and a great atmospheric guitar sound. Some of the tracks on here later made it to their debut CD "Silence Is Foo", though these do not appear to be the same versions from the couple tracks I compared. Another early cassette exists called "Children of Lir" from '93 that I do not own nor have heard. Time to pull out the tarot cards!

Dichroic Mirror - Dichroic Mirror K7 (1992, Mesmeric Records)

01. Disconnection
02. Night Sky
03. Here We Fall
04. Veils
05. Box of Sand
06. Afterlife
07. Hide From The Shadows
08. Ghost Dance
09. At Sunset
10. Entrophy
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. thanks so much!! never heard of this one. I like the tape alot and hopefully you can do some more soon!!