Saturday, December 29, 2012


Over the next couple weeks I'm going to try to re-up the past posts, but will take some time. I have already updated a few today. If you have any requests let me know as they might move up in the que.


  1. Hey sorrow, I was thinking that maybe I could help out by re-loading some of your k7 post in my blog, like "cybernetic illumations tape" for example. Anyway, here is some requests I would like to see in this blog whenever you get a chance.

    Am Tag Unter Null ‎– Lust

    Various - Looking For A Life To Lose

    Attainment Of Nirvana, The - The Attainment Of Nirvana

    Land Of Passion - Darksound

  2. My tape deck has been acting up past few weeks when I've tried it out. Some tapes it will play fine, but most of the time it will only play a couple seconds and then suddenly stop... same thing when trying to rewind/fast-forward. For some of those I might have old rips laying around that I did some years back. I don't remember liking the Attainment of Nirvana much from what I remember.

  3. How about some Momento Mori demos and Kathedral =)
    Do you have any of Restoration's demos? Message me at

  4. Yay!

    Cheers from downtown Manhattan. love to hear the expression:


    this blog is sooooo (*nose-wedge SFX) badasss. is. I've skamped on so many ace obscurities here.


  5. Hello! Can you please re-up the Die Unbekannten tape? Thank you VERY much!!!

  6. Hello - can you re-upload the Safehouse EP from 1982. I think that is the same band that may have opened up for New Order back in the 1982 era tour. Thanks,

  7. Hello! If there is a chance, can you re-upload the Stranger Still - Solitude 7"? Thank you very much!

  8. Hi, can you re-upload ''The Vengeful Widows - Both 7" singles + 1 K7 (1989-1994)''
    Please, thank you! :)