Saturday, January 12, 2013

VA: Index #2 K7 (1983, Index Audio)

Super rare UK tape / zine compilation that I've only seen for sale once. I added this release to discogs over five years ago, and have received quite a few private messages regarding it, which I presume is due to the track by one of the most mystified/rare UK goth/post-punk bands of all time - the short-lived Aemotii Crii, who included members such as Andy Cousin (All About Eve, Pink & Black, The Mission, Sex Gang Children, etc.), Tim Bricheno (All About Eve, Sisters of Mercy, XC-NN, etc.), and Rob Stroud early on (Sex Gang Children, Pink & Black, Technoquake, etc.). I'm not sure if the track will quite live up to all the expectations some might have imagined that have been seeking out material over the years, but here it is... Black, who later hit it big with the song "Wonderful World", contribute an early rarity that is quite good dark wave. Some Now Are contribute a nice dark post-punk track... their second 7" was produced by Peter Hook, but from what I remember it's nowhere as interesting as this song. There are some minimal/experimental tracks by Tanoy Entertainment and Stephen Horsfall, as well as other new wave and avantgarde material.

VA: Index #2 K7 (1983, Index Audio)

01. Side A Introduction
02. The Aemotii Crii - Gifts For All
03. Stephen Horsfall - Bleak & Wild Lands
04. Send No Flowers - Days of Rage
05. Ludus - Wrapped In Silence (Live)
06. Side B Introduction
07. Eric Random - Eastern Promise
08. The Balcony - Black Ivory Coast Towers
09. Tanoy Entertainment - Create & Exploit
10. Some Now Are - A Nightmares Dream
11. Black - Reunion
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  1. Black - Reunion is an outstanding Post-Punk Gem.
    Thanks for sharing another brilliant compilation.

  2. Thank you for continuing this great service to the culture. It's beyond words and one can thank you enough. Daniel

  3. Hey sorrow, can you do this tape: Dark Entries* ‎– Schizophrenia Simplex..i went through discogs and to see what tapes you contributed and it be cool if you do that Dark Entries tape.

  4. Great blog and thanks for sharing this.

  5. Can you reupload this, please?