Saturday, January 5, 2013

VA: Scream Volumes 2 + 3 LPs (1984-5, Thirsty Ear Communications, Inc.)

These "Scream" compilations were promo LPs only released in a generic white sleeve containing the quote on the label, "Sampler containing really exciting American music." There are also two other volumes in this series (1 and 4) containing tracks by bands such as The Arms of Someone New, Executive Slacks, Algebra Suicide, and Rash of Stabbings. In reality, these compilations are not identified by volume, but by catalog number (SCRM-2, SCRM-3)... I simply labeled them by volume to reference easier. There are also at least two other LPs from the same label called "Scream Down Under" containing all Australian bands... I have one of these as well - but it is too terrible to post with the exception of one track by Gravity Pirates that is easily available on their "This Way To The Cargo Cult" LP.

Amongst these 2 LPs there are a couple nice tracks for fans of obscure 80s dark/synth/wave/guitar indie bands - Ninth Column, Lung Overcoat (exclusive track), Modern Cities, Boca Iy Ear, Eyes of God, Martin Human, Valley of Kings, and The Big Race. However, the rest of the bands are not "exciting" to me... but possibly worth the download for the couple of good ones (so check the preview below).

Preview samples:

VA: Scream Vol. 2 LP (1984, Thirsty Ear Communications, Inc.)

01. Eyes of God - Garden of Sin
02. The Big Race - Hands On Fire
03. Modern Cities - Worlds Away
04. LMNOP - Forever Thru The Sun
05. Buddy Love - I Can't Stand Myself
06. Zone - Americans
07. Loose Ties - Take A Ride
08. Valley of Kings - Where Have You Gone?
09. Martin Human - Upside Down & Backwards
10. Emily West - Constant Back Beat
11. Boca Iy Ear - Witch Doctor
12. Sadistic Exploits - Beginnings

VA: Scream Vol. 3 LP (1985, Thirsty Ear Communications, Inc.)

01. Primitons - You'll Never Know
02. The Statics - Transistor Radio
03. Echo - Mannequin Man
04. Lung Overcoat - Maybe We've Gone
05. Snakeout - Surfabilly
06. Bedful of Metaphysicians - The Wish I Had
07. The Uptown Rulers - Sneakin' Out
08. The Schemers - Valley of Love
09. 22 Cave Gods - Cave God Chant
10. Ninth Column - Bela's Box
11. PS - House With No Words
12. Pirate Radio - You Are The Knife
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  1. I actually have the full length valley of kings i bought a while ago and haven't touched. i think it's in a "get rid of" pile that consists of 500+ records or so, that i need to go through and listen to. so perhaps a rip soon, if that's any good.

    thanks esp. for the extra lung overcoat and eyes of god goodies!

  2. Valley of Kings also appear on "It Happened But Nobody Noticed" a comp of CT bands from 78-82 on Gustav Records. Still available on CD.

  3. My band from that era, The Bell System were on SCRM-4 with our song "America Now" We were supposed to get tons of college radio play. We didn't.
    here is a link to the video.