Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden of Delight - 22 Faces 7" (1984, Moonlight Productions)

Not a long lost release by the popular German gothic rock/Carl McCoy circle jerk band/Sumerian larpers sharing the same name (thank GOD?)... but a little-known 80's goth/new wave band from Norway. They also issued another 7" in 1984 and an LP in 1987. If you search youtube, you can find some more tracks including some early demos. The title track is a poppy, psychedelic goth/wave tune and they get a bit more solemn/dramatic on the b-side. I can't think of any other purely obvious gothic early/mid 80s bands out of Norway other than maybe White Lord Jesus (and I've yet to hear their 80's releases besides the song off the brilliant "Maskidans" compilation that is quite minimal/synthy).

Garden of Delight - 22 Faces 7" (1984, Moonlight Productions)

01. 22 Faces
02. Lilies On A G-String
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  1. Oh, no...
    Seems that MF killed all of your links :(((

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  3. great single. pitty it's down.
    and thanks for sharing all those wonderful releases, by the way.
    very much appreciated!