Saturday, August 25, 2012

VA: Compilation 1 LP (1982, Starforce Studios)

Another obscure early 80's DIY UK compilation featuring a ton of bands that few probably ever heard unless you were in the band or fucking one of the members. When I bought this LP, the track by the Hellfire Club was the only song I had previously heard, and I suspected it would be the only song worth a shit on here... but was rather surprised to find that this one contained quite a few other nice tracks by synth, new wave, post-punk, and indie bands. Some of the highlights for me include The Hellfire Club, Violent Marriage, Marc Sebastian-Jones, Subverse, Bree Factory, Baxter & Dale, and Alister Black.

"These are some of the best tracks to have been laid down at Starforce in the last year. I hope you get as much enjoyment from listening to them as I did recording them." - M.K. Daley. Glancing at discogs, looks like Martin K. Daley also helped with the recording/production of a lot of other early 80s indie releases including Seventh Séance and Dif Juz.

Preview samples:

VA: Compilation 1 LP (1982, Starforce Studios)

01. Martin Kerry Daley - Another Night Another Day
02. Sister Sister - Crush
03. M.D.A. - Funk Boy
04. The Hellfire Club - Phases
05. Sabiha Kara's Bombay Boom Cha Cha Bomb Band - You're Breaking My Heart
06. Somewhere A Voice - Conscience
07. Baxter & Dale - Shadows
08. Bree Factory - Turmoil of Man
09. Alister Black - Reckless Promise
10. Ron Warren Gandertons Sound Ceremony - Giggle Amidst The Tears
11. Subverse - Chance Romance
12. Marc Sebastian-Jones - Mirror Mirror
13. The Best - You Are Earthly
14. Violent Marriage - Nightmare (Fear of Sleep)
15. The Invisible Man - Doin' The Ton
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  1. mediafire has become a sad joke. A compilation of noone-knows-bands is deleted for violation of terms of service? I don't know to laugh or cry over this. Thank you anyways. hopefully you can get it uploaded on a different platform.