Sunday, September 30, 2012

VA: Dreams From Within K7 (1989, Dreams From Within)

Very rare cassette compilation put out by the UK zine Dreams From Within that covered a lot of obscure dark bands throughout the late 80's. This tape features mainly goth bands from the UK with a couple exceptions such as Garden of Pleasures, Casual Sanity, Pro Memoria (and possibly a few others I've never seen or heard about elsewhere) active during this time. One warning I will give, if you are listening to this one on headphones, you might want to turn down the volume once the ENDG track is about to come on (or skip) since they produced this one to be 10x louder than every other song on the tape.

VA: Dreams From Within K7 (1989, Dreams From Within)

01. Sakura - Wake The Tempest (Demo)
02. Boysdream - Miss Adventure (Demo)
03. The Embrace - Atlantis (Demo)
04. Every New Dead Ghost - Sacrifice (Demo)
05. Of Flames & Angels - Snowfall (Demo)
06. Joy S - Just Like Love (And Over Again) (Demo)
07. Eyespeech - Mass Strategies
08. Broken Faith - Sanity Cracks (Demo)
09. Somewhere In Europe - Blood of Martyrs (Apocalypse Mix)
10. Die Laughing - Forever (Demo)
11. Dance Naked - Legion
12. Momento Mori - Different Heaven
13. The Exiles - Lizards & Dreams
14. Garden of Pleasures - Pandora's Box
15. Saffron Dreamshadow - All That Glisters...
16. Before I Hang - Promise.mp3
17. Casual Sanity - Face To Face
18. Sarl's Charisma - Abraham
19. Pro Memoria - The Scream
20. Passion & The Pure - Blistered!
21. Nacht Shatten - Turn To Clay
22. XX Nemesis - Banshee
23. Sonic Violence - Blasphemer
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. Have you any Broken Faith records?

    1. And XX Nemesis, it awesome too.

    2. Beautiful compilation!
      A Big Thank You for sharing it.

  2. XX Nemesis - you can find an official video on youtube, but I have no tapes - nor have ever seen any.

    Broken Faith - they did at least 3 tapes but no vinyl/cd releases. They do have a great track off a vinyl LP compilation called New Reaction (there are 3 separate editions of this compilation but they are not labeled by volume/edition)... I believe this song can be found on youtube too ("In Sanctum")... unfortunately I haven't really cared for any the other tracks I've heard by them that much. Certainly too "rock" for my tastes nowadays. A friend let me borrow one of their tapes once which contains the track featured here, but I didn't really like it that much.

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