Friday, June 1, 2012

VA: Fire ! Rockele LP (1984, Radio Alsace)

Rare compilation with two tracks each by five obscure French bands. Someone on discogs wrote, "Industrial/Wave/EBM bands from Alsace, north east of France." However, this is a very bogus statement obviously written by someone trying to sell this record for some $$$$. There are two great cold wave tracks on here by one band -> Fizzy Scalps, the rest of the material is pretty terrible pop/rock/reggae if you ask me. Since this is the case, I put two separate files to download... you can download the entire album (to hear why this one has got 4 5/5's on discogs)... or you can simply grab the Fizzy Scalps tracks (the only listenable tracks in my opinion). Check out the songs below via youtube, and there is another video you can look up on youtube of the band covering New Order's "Procession" if interested. (Looking at the credits there, one member might have been later involved in Anechoic Chamber).

VA: Fire ! Rockele LP (1984, Radio Alsace)

01. Têtes Brulées - Ma Fille N'est Pas Jolie
02. Fizzy Scalps - Quand Le Temps Passe
03. Bibo Mambo - Les Potins Du Cosmos
04. Drinks - Gone To Africa
05. Dubs - Woman
06. Dubs - Work
07. Drinks - Shallow Boy
08. Bibo Mambo - Pauvre Billy
09. Têtes Brulées - Voilà L'amour
10. Fizzy Scalps - Il Y A Longtemps

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