Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ex-Voto - Don't Look Back 12" (1990, Poor Alice Music)

The first official release by Ex-Voto even though the band claims to have existed since 1982... certainly one of the least prolific! Throughout the 80's, they were apart of the Los Angeles goth / deathrock scene and appeared on the '88 "American Gothic" LP compilation alongside bands like Screams For Tina, H-Bomb White Noise, Death Ride 69, and Premature Ejaculation. This record has a very conventional American goth sound with some late 80's electro-industrial influences thrown in musically. Do remember being surprised several years ago hearing "97 Crosses" on one of Herve Hue's "Remember of the Past" mixes he used to post online to download.

Sometime during the 90's, the band relocated to New Orleans and released "Anno Domini" on cassette in '95 (later released on CD) that contained re-recorded versions of tracks from their '82-90 period (including some songs from this record). Other than that, they were a staple on many of the Cleopatra compilations and little else regarding recorded output... until the 2000s when they decided (or finally got the money) to start recording some albums.

Preview samples:


Ex-Voto - Don't Look Back 12" (1990, Poor Alice Music)

01. The Devil's Work
02. If I
03. 97 Crosses
04. Never Again
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  1. I used to keep in contact with some members of Ex-Voto years back when I lived in the States. They have had a lot of band members throughout the years and have even worked with Kommunity FK called simply "the Kommunity".

    They were a staple for the 80's L.A. goth scene and made some great music at the time.

    I wish I had their early demo tapes,it appears just as tough to find the demos as it is getting the Kathedral demo.

    Thanks a million for this gem.I still have it amongst a lot of other records back in America.