Saturday, December 1, 2012

VA: No Cause For Alarm LP (1981, Plectrum Records)

DIY UK compilation from the early 80's featuring a lot of obscurities. Possibly the best known band is likely to be Yesterdays Parties who also appear on the "In Colour / Music By Numbers" LP compilation from the same year along with bands like Sea of Wires and Phil Brammer that you can find over at Mutant Sounds. The majority of the bands on this one would fall under the generic tags of post-punk, indie / alternative rock, power pop, etc... but check out the sound sample to hear the tracks I thought were the highlights.

VA: No Cause For Alarm LP (1981, Plectrum Records)

01. Toulouse - Breakaway
02. Beatpump - King Canut
03. Dead Souls - Pouring Rain
04. The Prize Guys - Don't U Mess Around
05. No Exit Brighton - Deadlier Than The Male
06. Beatpump - Nero Curtsies
07. The Shrouds - Manifesto No: 1
08. Phaedrus - Ric Racoon
09. Yesterdays Parties - Defoliation
10. 7th Enemy - Panic
11. No Exit - David's Song
12. Pencils - Night & Day.mp3
13. What Judy Said - Moth
14. Mayfair Leisure - Silver Screen.mp3
15. Eyes In The Dark - Sex
16. Yesterdays Parties - Tokyo
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  1. I liked it, though im hardly objective, bigger on the continent I think, particularlly Holland, well years after some one contacted me to see if i could supply some albums, as my name was on the sleeve, but have lost my copy,one of the Follow up was "Music by Numbers" on Sexual Phoneagram, if anyone has a rip of it please contact me

    Franz Czeck

  2. sorry it's been quite a while it was on Zoometronome Records mistake lol