Monday, July 11, 2011

Subterfuge - Subterfuge K7 (1993, Self-Released)

Rare early 90s Australian goth rock tape... Pretty rough, and certainly not the quality of their lone EP on Heartland Records. I personally do not like the singer's voice at all on here, but they eventually got better and this is where it started I suppose... The tape starts out with a Led Zepplin cover (which isn't a good start), and ends with two tracks that later appeared on their CD. The singer was also part of Jerusalem Syndrome with Chris McCarter from Ikon (their CD recently got reissued for some odd reason), has been on several Ikon releases, and is now in a band called Razorfade doing modern-day EBM/goth club stuff on Alfa Matrix of all places with an ex-member of Suspiria/Intra-Venus...
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  1. thanks for the post, i never heard of this group before and i kinda liked it :). I cant wait to see more tapes being posted in the future

  2. Hi, do you have the "Foxhunt" cassette single by "Look Back in Anger"?

  3. @luigi69, I think most people would find their CD material much better if you're into 90s goth rock.

    few quick youtube clips:

    or check ReflectRewind's youtube channel (obviously a member of the band) for a few more...

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      I can't download Subterfuge release.

  4. A bit of trivia for you:
    The singer on this tape is not the same singer that is on their later CD.
    And the singer on this tape is not the singer that was in Jerusalem Syndrome or Razorfade (it was the replacement singer).

    Now it all makes sense when you said you "dont like the singers voice on this tape but they eventually got better" its becasue they changed singer :)

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