Saturday, July 16, 2011

Perfect End - Sweet Dreams 7" (1981, Hellfire Discs)

Cool Scottish band with a gothy / dark new wave sound, and female vocals (on this release). Perhaps a bit like bands such as Klingons, Rhythm & Faith, or The Wait. You can read a bit more about their history at Hellfire Discs also put out a limited CDR released in 2002 called "The Complete Collection 1980-1983" that contains 6 demo tracks recorded in 1980-1981 (with a different female singer than this 7" -- but including versions of the same three tracks featured here), this 7", and then 6 more demo tracks ('82-83) with a male singer + an instrumental demo version of "Sweet Dreams" as a bonus track. Below is a video of the title track, though the track "Puppets" is my favorite.The same youtube user had uploaded one of the demos with a male singer from the band's later period here (if anyone is curious)
pass: kentuckyfriedwave

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