Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look Back In Anger - Rare Recordings...

As promised, here are some more rare Look Back In Anger recordings... the cassettes these came from are not official releases (thus I didn't bother providing any images)... Some exclusive tracks!

Look Back In Anger - Live @ The Ace, May 19, 1983

01. Flowers
02. Foxhunt
03. Executioner
04. The Dark
05. Silent Partner
06. Hollow Minds
07. Life's Dispute
08. Cut!
09. Mannequin

I bought this tape off Mick Mercer around 2005/06 when he was selling a lot of his old cassettes on eBay. The other side of the cassette has an Adam Ant live recording from Milan ('78) which I've never played... So, not an official release, but a good quality live recording nevertheless. The first track starts with some of the beginning cut off, but other than that, it sounds good!

Look Back In Anger - Various Demos and Live Tracks

01. Solitary (Demo 1982)
02. Executioner (Unmixed LP Version 1983/84)
03. Overlord (Live Oct. 24, 1981)
04. Torment / Without You (Live Nov. 16, 1983)
05. Foxhunt (Live Nov. 16, 1983)
06. Precept (Demo 1982)

These tracks came from a home-made compilation tape that appears to have been compiled by Sean O'Farrell (a.k.a. Jim Newby) who was a member of Look Back In Anger, The Fifteenth, Splashpool, and re-formed LBIA in the 90s as a solo project with an electronic sound. The ink on the tape insert is so faded that I could barely make out the track titles (hope I got them all correct). A friend passed this one to me couple years ago. Hope you enjoy.
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  1. THANKS A BUNCH!! i wondering if you have any tapes from the group "The Orphobia"?? or send me a complete list of music that you have through email??

  2. Nope, don't have any tapes by The Orphobia... do recall seeing one for sale online probably 6-7 years ago... but the price was more than I was willing to pay. Heh, do remember their song "Never Walk Alone"

  3. I just found an old email from Sean, who was in the process of digitizing these tapes at the time. Glad they've surfaced after all these years!

  4. Hello. Just came across this blog and it looks like there's going to be some cool stuff for me to dig through.

    Would you be so kind as to re-up all of this Look Back in Anger stuff (and the Foxhunt tape as well)? I'm sort of obsessed with this band, but have never heard this stuff!

  5. Damn, I just stumbled in here by accident and the file has been deleted due to inactivity. Would so much like to get hold of this. I was at the ace gig and knew Jim well, long after LBIA, but left the UK before he changed his name.

  6. Hi there, I have uploaded Look Back In Anger, The Fifteenth and Splashpool stuff to my Soundcloud page - releases/demos/live and will be uploading more as I transfer it from tape etc. There is also live stuff by DOLLS and Kenelis, both bands I really like. It's all here: