Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sombre Septembre - Le Lointain CDR (2006, Seagulls Screaming Productions)

Here's a self-released CDR that I believe most fans of the band are likely unaware of collecting material recorded between 1989-2006. Not sure how many copies of this were produced, or if this release was sort of put together on an "on demand" basis since its appears home-made. I got a copy from the band after contacting them on myspace, so that possibility might still exist for those interested in a physical copy. This release includes three of the tracks from their 7" singles and everything else would be consider rarities. Unfortunately, I do not know if these other tracks were originally released on some of their cassettes - quite likely. Anyways, classic French coldwave band... "Le Nez Rouge" is easily one of my all-time favorite songs. The last 2 tracks on this CD are certainly from a low-quality source, so my VBR ripping method might appear that I purposely ripped those tracks at a low-bitrate... not the case. A flat 320 bitrate isn't going to solve anything in regards to the sound other than creating an unnecessarily big file.

1989 - 02, 05, 08
1990 - 11
1992 - 01, 03, 06
1994 - 04, 07, 09, 10
2006 - 12

Sombre Septembre - Le Lointain CDR (2006, Seagulls Screaming Productions)

01. Il Fait Si Froid
02. Est-ce Une Reverie?
03. La Pomme De Terre
04. Le Bas-côté
05. Le Nez Rouge
06. Des Rêves
07. Le Lointain
08. Le Sommeil De Trop?
09. Plume Et Regard
10. Déchirure
11. Passée La Nuit
12. Seul
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  1. nice! Some straight up Coldwave. Been wondering if/when you would post something new. I always dig the tunes you post here. Thanks once again.

  2. Super sympa et assez surréaliste !

  3. I re-ripped the second 7'' a while back since the rip out there was pretty bad- not sure why the a-side didn't appear on this CD. Will post that soon.