Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raiding Party - Nacromanic Raiding Party 12" (1986, Pastell Records) | Raiding Party - Disparate 7" (198?, Husky Records)

Here is an unknown German band including members of 90's darkwave act Passion Noire (Bernd Frank Neumann and Peter Hennecken). Over at discogs, the 12" is listed under the band name "Nacromantic Raiding Party", which is how it appears on the sleeve (though the songs are simply credited to "Raiding Party" on the vinyl labels)... so not 100% sure if they were going with this longer name in the beginning or not... Personally, I enjoy the 12" quite a lot for mid 80s dark wave, and it includes the song "Waves" that Passion Noire later re-recorded. The 7" does not include a date, but I am assuming that it came out around '87-88 and it has a stronger guitar wave, indie-goth influence. I also threw in a bonus track from a tape compilation that I have from 1988. There were two demo tapes on ebay 3-5 years back that I got outbid on that were both from 1987 and 1988.

Preview samples:

Raiding Party - Nacromanic Raiding Party 12" (1986, Pastell Records)

01. Waves
02. Guiding Me
03. Laughter

Raiding Party - Disparate 7" (198?, Husky Records)

01. Disparate
02. Anna (She Ask's Herself)

Bonus track from compilation: Tape Rebel 5 K7 (1988, Weed Music)

Raiding Party - Rats
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


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  2. Hey just now I found out that 2 Orphobia tapes are on sale at discogs...but the price may be a little too much..

  3. Hi. It seems that we have a similar taste. I love the song Waves, just got the 7" from the owner of Husky records, the vinyl is on its way and I like Passion Noire. I have 2 CD's, a third is coming plus a few songs on compilations. If time permits, U can visit my collection at the very bottom of the very long page,,,, I have no patience for links. haha