Monday, July 9, 2012

Die Unbekannten - Berlin SO 36 10.2.82 + 20.4.82 K7 (198x)

Super obscure tape that I'm assuming was an unofficial release including two live performances by Die Unbekannten at the famous SO 36 club in Berlin from 1982. Sound quality isn't the greatest, but includes some songs not off any of the vinyls that you've probably never heard before unless you were lucky enough to have saw them live. No song titles are provided unfortunately, but I labeled the songs I recognized from their two 12" EPs and the reissue from Vinyl-On-Demand... other tracks are unknown... so let me know if you happen to know what they are or if I tagged anything incorrectly. I suppose Die Unbekannten deserves no introduction other than... if you've never heard them, go to youtube.

Die Unbekannten - Berlin SO 36 10.2.82 + 20.4.82 K7 (198x)

10.2.82 (Side A)

01. Radio War
02. Against The Wall
03. Alone
04. Poseidon
05. ???
06. Casualties
07. ???
08. ???

20.4.82 (Side B)

09. Radio War
10. Alone
11. ???
12. Against The Wall
13. ???
14. Casualties
15. ???
16. ???
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  1. great post, post more random K7s please

  2. great band!especially "alone".


  3. I'll second that! Please re-up when you have time... (thanks)

  4. I'll third, would love to be able to grab this!

  5. I'd love to hear this too. There is a compilation of Die Unbekannten studio work over at ESWA.

  6. S.V. - pleasepleasePLEASE re-up these recording when you have time, I've been trying to find this tape for 20 years! Many thanks (in advance), R.R.