Friday, December 23, 2011

Desertshore - Desertshore MLP (1984, Pafe Record)

This is the first Japanese record I've posted on tihs blog, and one that I just picked up recently (it had been high on the wantlist for a couple years after hearing some samples on eBay). Really good (and rare) dark wave with lyrics in both Japanese and English. To my knowledge, their only release. The Pafe label that this one was released on had some other cool bands as well (Funeral Party, Pale Cocoon, ...).

For the songs named in Japanese, I just labeled the ID tags "Track 1", "Track 2", etc. since Winamp doesn't recognize the special characters on my computer at least.

Preview samples here:

Desertshore - Desertshore MLP (1984, Pafe Record)

01. 隔離
02. 天邪鬼
03. 流砂
04. 栄光製造機
05. Dreaming In Your Dream
06. 夜の涯
pass: kentuckyfriedwave


  1. I asked a Japanese acquaintance for the translation of the kanji. She said it was interesting that some of the characters are not in use anymore.

    So if you want to tag your songs with actual titles:

    1. Isolation
    2. Heavenly Ogre
    3. Quicksand
    4. Glorious Shining Machine
    6. Border of the Night

  2. Great record, one of my faves! Some (maybe all?) members of DESERTSHORE later played in a group called U-UNITY (they were featured on a split 8" flexi w/ MASAKAZU NAKAGAWA and supposedly also released a cassette).